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Flagpole Mounting Rings - Rotating

Patriot's Choice. This E Z rotating ring set is our most popular accessory for your flag needs. These flag mounting rings are designed for flags that utilize grommet attachments. The rings have a new rotating anti-wrap feature which allows the flag to turn independently from the pole. There are two rings per pack. May be used with a flag with grommets that are 1/2 in. diameter. E-z mount screw goes through the grommet. Or flag may have a pole sleeve, in which, screws are used as button to button onto tab in sleeve.

Due to the size of the grommets in the historical cotton flags, the E-Z mounts are not compatible. This ring is stationary while the harness moves 360 degrees.

Need instructions on how to use this product? Check out our instructions on how to attach a flag to a flagpole.

  • Size: Fits 1 in. Pole / 2 Rings
  • Material: Plastic
  • $7.95
18 In Stock

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