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Flagpole accessories and hardware including brackets, storage cases, ornaments, pulleys and street pole hardware
Accessories & Hardware

U.S. Flags, State flags, territory flags, military flags, service flags, world flags, sports flags, religious flags, safety flags
Flagpoles, flag poles, exhibit and display poles, advertising poles, wall mount flag poles, in ground commercial flag pole, nautical flag pole, residential flag pole, home flag kits, auto flags, boar flags
Flag Poles

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• Rope & Snap Hooks 
• Street Pole
• Covers & Cases
• Pulleys & Cleats
• Lighting
• Ornaments & Finials
• Flag Hanging Hardware
 Trade Show 
• Bases
Brackets & Holders

• U.S. Flags
• State & Territory
• Military & Service
• World Flags 
• Sports Flags
• Religious Flags
• Safety Flags
• Nautical Flags
• Historical Flags
• Native American Flags

• Advertising Flag Poles
• Exhibit & Display Poles
• Residential Flag Poles
• Wall Mount
• In-Ground Commercial
• Nautical Flag Poles
• Vehicle & Boat Poles
• Telescoping Flag Poles
• Crossbar & Lead Poles
• Ceremonial Flag Poles

street pole banners, historical banners, home and garden banners, military and service banners, religious banners, safety banners, state and territory banners, cultural awareness, sports banners.

accessories, apparel, christmas, patriotic jewelry, patriotic christmas, razorback christmas, ornaments, decorations, crafts, home and garden decor, kitchen and dining ware, house wares, toys, made in usa, jewelry, office gifts, razorback gear

bunting and fabric, full fans, patriotic decor, patriotic decorating kits, decorating kits, pull downs, patrioitc ribbon and fringe

• Street Pole Banners
• Advertising Banners
• Historical Banners
• Home & Garden Banners
• Military & Service
• Religious Banners
• Safety Banners
• State & Territory
• Cultural Awareness
• Sports Banners
• Patriotic Banners

• Accessories
• Apparel
• Christmas
• Crafts
• Home & Garden
• Kitchen & Dining
• Toys
• Jewelry
• Office 
• Razorback Gear

• Bunting & Fabric (by yard)
• Full Fans
• Decorating Kits
• Pull Downs

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• Crafts-Ribbon & Fringe
• Crafts-Confetti
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decals, nautical decals, signal flag decals, world flag decals, advertising decals, razorback decals, bumper stickers, flag sticker

string pennants, fringe pennants, advertising pennants, single pennants, sports pennants, custom pennants, icicle pennants, finger wave pennants

magnets, signs, flag magnet, fun signs, commemorative signs, police tape, caution tape, sale tape, advertising tape, advertising signs, open house, mailbox covers, license plates, military license plates, firefighter license plates, police license plates, yellow ribbon magnets, breast cancer awareness ribbon, autism awareness ribbon
Signs & Magnets


Out of all the Flag companies out there, why should you buy from

Headquarters of Arkansas' located at 800 W. 9th St. is a 40-year veteran of the flag business. Started by Kerry McCoy during the recession of 1974 and with only $400, has become one of the nation’s best known flag companies. We have 21 great reasons why you should buy from us but one of the best is that we will provide you with services other flag companies don't. Twice a year we call to check on your flags to see if they need repair or replacing, we offer in house repair services and if your flag cannot be repaired, we will retire it for you and send you a coupon for $5 off a new flag! We can answer any flag question you have from etiquette questions to what size flag should fly from your particular size pole and much more. We offer custom design services and local installation services.

Our Little Rock showroom is open to the public six days a week. You always get to talk to a real person when you call. We are well known for our Quality Products – Expert Service – Outrageous Support. When you buy from us, you know we will be there to support you a year from now or 10 years from now. No other flag company in American can say all that!

Creative, Custom Banners and Flags
Example of custom tear drop flag, blade flag and feather flag. With over 40 years experience, is one of America's most innovative producers of high quality, environmental graphics and soft signage. We can execute even the most complex, mixed-media designs using virtually any combination of materials, and we are one of the few companies that can create banners at competitive prices and do so in-house AND fast! Our in-house facilities also gives us the flexibility to do any job, large or small. From American flags to way-finding signage, we do it all. Get a FREE Custom Quote for your project online right now.

For more information on custom printed banners call one of our Creative Consultants at 1.800.445.0653 or email us at for help.

Honor the American Flag
American offers a variety of services to help you honor your flag. Sign up for Flag Alerts  to receive timely rules for Flag Holidays directly to your inbox! With our Flag Alerts, you also receive exclusive deals and discounts, valuable information on flags and other upcoming holidays
, and even Showroom Sales!

With over 40 years experience in the flag business, is your one-stop resource for not just the American Flag, but all things flag and banner. We can repair your flag, teach you how to get the most life out of your flag, and help you pick out the best way to present your flag. Give us a call at 1.800.445.0653 and speak with one of our Flag Experts.

Patriotic Decorating Kits
Examples of decorating with patriotic bunting and fans. By popular demand, now offers pre-made patriotic decorating kits for your home, office, boat, patio, gazebo, etc.

We offer decorating kits in cotton, nylon, and tea-stained. See our great suggestions for decorating ideas! We also have patriotic apparel, patriotic kitchen supplies, home, garden, and yard decorations and more!

We want your event preparation to be as easy as possible, so you can spend more time enjoying the festivities, and less time worrying.

And if your creative mind is tired- See our American Patriotic Decorations for examples and ideas.

Great Gifts for the Sports Fan
Find your NCAA flags and merchandise this college football season. Our NCAA flags and College flags come in a variety of styles, fabrics and colors - perfect for you home, office, or tailgate party! is an avid supporter of the Arkansas Razorbacks and offers a large variety of Razorbacks merchandise for your Arkansas Razorback football, basketball or baseball tailgating parties!

How Do I Make My Flag Look This Good?
Example of what flag spreaders can do. is your resource for all things flag and banner. In our Helpful Documents (or the bottom of every page), we show you how to hang a flag for your office, school or business. And we let you in on a little secret on how to make your flag look it's best.

Hint: They are using our Flag Spreaders to make the flags "stand at attention"! View our video on how to properly use Flag Spreaders!

We have other documents too: When to Fly the American Flag, Flag Etiquette, American Flag History, and more. Just look for the Helpful Documents section at the bottom of every website page.

We are the only flag company with our own FREE magazine for our customers.

Brave MagazineBrave Magazine, published by and paid for by advertisers gives our customers just a little bit extra. Brave covers stories that exemplify the human virtue of bravery.

Every person has a story of bravery. Sometimes we may not recognize it in ourselves but everyday thousands of people across America are brave for one reason or another. Our purpose in Brave Magazine is to showcase courage through a varitey of stories.

We also include other stories such as recipes, hunting or sports, coming events and other features that we feel our customers would find interesting.

We hope that Brave Magazine will inspire you to celebrate your own bravery and challenge you to recognize it in others. Click here to learn more about Brave Magazine or see our latest issue.

Visit our Historic Showroom!
Did you know that's headquarters is located in a historical building in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas?'s third floor once was a venue for musical greats such as Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald, B.B. King, and more.  Click Here for more information about Dreamland Ballroom.

Dreamland Ballroom and Taborian Hall Museum

 Let Kerry McCoy get all up in your business every Friday on KABF radio 88.3 FM.

What is "Up Your Business" with Kerry McCoy?

“Up your business with Kerry McCoy” will help you discover how to navigate the path to achieve the American dream.  She started Arkansas’s over 40 years ago with just 400 dollars and now it exceeds 3 million in annual sales.

Each week she and a guest will answer your questions and offer real world advice on how to become your own boss.

Tune in to this passionate, informative, high energy and often wacky perspective on business in the 21st century. Learn how to tune in live or listen to the weekly podcast.

Let Kerry McCoy get all up in your business! Live stream the show at 2pm CST on Friday’s!