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Wall or Column Mount Top & Bottom Fiberglass Banner Bracket Kit

Wall or Column Mount Banner Brackets are specifically designed for mounting banners to flat surfaces such as walls, doors, or columns. The banner will rest flat against the surface. Each kit consists of 2 white fiberglass arms 3/4 IN. diameter, 4 mounting brackets, 4 end caps, 4 pull rings and 4 clevis pins. The size of the mount is the maximum width of the banner is will hold. 18 IN. holds up to an 18 IN. banner; 24 IN. holds up to a 24 IN. banner; 30 IN. holds up to an 30 IN. banner; and 36 IN. holds up to a 36 IN. banner.

Dimensions: 24''W (Banner Width) Base Dimensions: Mounting Plate is 4"H X 2"W with 3/4"H X 1/4"W Holes 2 3/4" Apart on Centers Includes: 2 24"W 3/4" Diameter Fiberglass Rods in White and 4 Each Mounting Brackets in Black, Pull Rings, End Caps and Clevis Pins

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SKU:  Material Size Bracket Color Price Quantity Status
KBRACS18WMCB Fiberglass 18 in. Black $124.93 Special Order
KBRACS18WMCS Fiberglass 18 in. Silver $124.93 Special Order
KBRACS24WMCB Fiberglass 24 in. Black $124.93 Special Order
KBRACS24WMCS Fiberglass 24 in. Silver $124.93 Special Order
KBRACS30WMCB Fiberglass 30 in. Black $130.60 Special Order
KBRACS30WMCS Fiberglass 30 in. Silver $130.60 Special Order
KBRACS36WMCB Fiberglass 36 in. Black $146.90 Special Order
KBRACS36WMCS Fiberglass 36 in. Silver $155.94 Special Order

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