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Custom Specialty Gallery

Custom specialty portfolio- unusual and unique installations and displays with flags and banners Custom Specialty Portfolio has been in business since 1975 and has provided flags and banners for businesses in all 50 states and in hundreds of countries around the world. Contact us for a custom quote for your custom needs or if you prefer to talk to one of our experts; they are available M-F 8am-5:30pm CST and Saturday from 10am-4pm CST, the call is toll free 1.800.445.0653.

The projects on this page are not your standard flag or banner, these projects are unique either because of their size, materials used, special sewing needed, special installation or artistic design. Some of these are more decorative than advertising while others are both. No job is too large or too small for

These are just a handful of the many custom specialty projects we have created, click on any image below to see a larger version.

Decorative banners for use in hospital children's ward as decoration. Banner for Aromatique in mall Multiple coordinated banners for high end store Round display banner Decorative mall banner
Banners used in entryway for decoration Banners for state capitol rotunda Cieling decoration for event Christmas banners for mall Tradeshow display round banners for decoration
Classroom reading nook display Clinton Library sidewalk display, each rectangle is wrapped with our custom vinyl banners Tent for tradeshow or event Vertical banners in hallway as decoration City ad campaign materials
Banner inside a children's museum Museum banners Stained glass look for church Ceiling drape display for event Outdoor entryway display
Celing banners for event. Unique size and shape outdoor banners Decorative ceiling banners Ceiling banners for decoration Oversize hallway banner for event
Entryway overhead banners for store. Unique flag shape for Hyde Park Round display for Lazyboy furniture at a tradeshow Leaves, hand cut and sewn for museum display Catering Menu at Macaroni Grill
Mall banners for indoor use Banners and pennants for Grocery store Unique die cut and oversized outdoor display banners Oversized outdoor banners for Egyptian display at museum Indoor oversized mall banner
Collection of banners for The Rep Theatre Mall banners Indoor banners for furniture store Unique banners for each window in a round office space Tent for tradeshows and outdoor events
Soccer field installation with banners, unqiue shaped banners and more. Stained glass applique for church Stained glass applique for church Unique shape and size for business Ceiling banners draped throughout a hallway for decorative effect
Zoo gift shop banners Unique banners for tiger habitat at zoo Unique mesh banner running through several floors Parking Deck multiple banners to make a whole display Whole building outdoor wrap
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A custom artistic banner can speak without using words. Adding color and motion to any area, a custom made banner from our skilled artisans can help you give new life and atmosphere to an otherwise dull space. Call us at 800-445-0653 or email at to discuss a custom banner for your business, organization or art installation.
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