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Custom Flag Pricing

Custom flags make a business stand out.


We at bring our customers years of experience creating custom made flags for advertising, events, decoration, branding logos, information, way-finding, identification and much more! Every custom flag is available in a wide variety of materials and can be produced in a number of processes. By adding gold fringe to any of these processes, a flag can be dressed up for parade or indoor display. To follow, for your consideration, are some of our more popular custom flags and processes with a set up fee of only $98.95 per order.

As you will see, we still offer custom embroidered and appliquéd flags while many of our competitors are phasing out this beautiful artisan technique.

Custom By Type:

Custom Team/Spirit Flags

Custom Military Guidon Flags Custom Miniature Flags Custom Car Flags


Custom By Technique:

Custom Digitally Printed Flags

Custom Embroidered Flags Custom Appliquéd Flags


Miniature Flags

Great for both professional and personal occasions. Custom Miniature Flags make great handouts for both professional and personal occasions. They are printed on 100% nylon and mounted on a black staff with gold spear tip. Fringe can be added for an additional cost. See available sizes, quanitities and pricing below. Pricing is per each flag. Don't forget your miniature bases!

See our portfolio for examples of more flags

custom flag, custom decorative flag, custom miniature flags

Staff Sizes:
4 x 6 inch flags: Flag mounted on 10 in. black staff.
8 x 12 inch flags: Flag mounted on 24 in. staff.
12 x 18 inch flags: Flag mounted on a 30 in. staff.
16 x 24 inch flags: Flag mounted on a 42 in. staff.

Prices shown below are for printed flags with reversed image on back side.  Pricing shown is per flag.


Qty. 12+ 25+ 50+ 100+ 125+ 250+ 500+
4 x 6 IN. N/A N/A N/A N/A $4.40 $3.85 $3.00
8 x 12 IN. N/A $10.00 $8.16 $7.26 $7.26 $6.36 $5.00
12 x 18 IN. $16.50 $13.70 $12.38 $11.00 $11.00 $9.44 $7.56
16 x 24 IN. $22.80 $19.00 $17.10 $15.20 $15.20 $12.94 $10.36
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Custom Car Flags

Custom Car Flags Great for school spirit, auto dealers, and fundraisers. Double-sided Custom Car Flags measure 12 x 15 inches and are made from durable polyester. Mounted on a 21 inch heavy duty car flag pole. Minimum of 25 per design and priced per flag. Typically a 5 day turnaround from approval of proof. Made in USA! See our portfolio for examples of more flags


Qty. 12 in. x 15 in.
25-49 $17.98
50-99 $14.98
100-199 $13.98
200-299 $13.48
300-499 $13.28
500-999 $12.98
1,000+ $12.78

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Custom Digitally Printed Flags

This 21st century flag-making technique uses 4-color process printing machines. Because of the digital imagery, the designs on the flags can be more complex. These machines make custom flags more affordableand available in quantities of 1 to 1000’s.

Digitally printed custom flag pricing includes canvas heading with grommets, reinforced fly end and reverse image on backside. Click here for more options that may be available. Be sure to ask your sales person what options such as fringe or pole hem (sleeve) is available. Options will be considered additional and may make your per flag price increase.

Images require vector and/or raster artwork, click here for graphic art requirements. Pricing below is per flag, call 1.800.445.0653 for large quantity pricing. See our portfolio for examples of more flags.

2x3 FT. 3x5 FT. 4x6 FT. 5x8 FT. 6x10 FT. 8x12 FT. 10x15 FT. 12x18 Ft.
1+ $103.20 $142.00 $192.00 $285.60 $369.98 $399.98 $499.98 $679.98
3+ $88.80 $122.00 $164.00 $209.98 $314.48 $339.98 $424.98 $577.98
6+ $78.00 $106.20 $144.00 $186.60 $277.48 $299.98 $374.98 $509.98
12+ $62.40 $85.00 $115.20 $154.48 $221.98 $279.98 $349.98 $475.98
25+ $46.75 $64.80 $86.40 $120.80 $166.50 $259.98 $324.98 $441.98
50+ $36.12 $51.00 $67.20 $92.30 $129.50 $239.98 $299.98 $407.98

Digital print samples

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Custom Embroidered Flags

The crème de la crème in fine detail and presentation appeal, custom embroidered flags are elegant and artistic. Here the design is created using thread looped and layered over and over to form a risen image on your flag.

These handsome flags are often edged with gold fringe. The President of the United States and formal military ceremonies use this type of flag.

Almost all American flags 5x8 feet and smaller have embroidered stars. There are size limitations on these flags, ask your sales person when you request a free online quote. Images require vector and/or raster artwork. Click here for graphic art requirements.

See our portfolio for examples of more flags

Call us at 1.800.445.0653 for embroidery pricing or for different materials and processes.

Note: This process is not recommended for an item that will be used outdoors.

Close detail of embroidered flag design
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Custom Appliquéd Flags

Appliqué is the oldest form of flag making. Each colored design and/or individual letter is hand cut and sewn on the front and back of the flag, much like quilting. It is an elegant process for small run orders and is often used when making large flags. Almost all American flags 6 ft. x10 ft. and up have appliquéd stars. Vector artwork is required for this process. See our portfolio for examples of flags we have made for our customers.


View chart below right for examples:

  • Class D: Multicolored silhouette with stitching detail. Up to 24 letters, block font.
  • Class E: Multicolored silhouette with stitching detail. Stylized letters.
  • Class F: Multicolored emblem, extensive detail and  lettering.
  • Class G: Multiple emblems, color and details, extensive lettering.

Applique Example

Applique Types

Contact our flag experts today at or call 1.800.445.0653 to place your order.

Customers we have worked with include Disney, McDonalds, Chanel, Lazboy, Ceasers, Princeton University and more!