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Who is Kerry McCoy?

Originally from North Little Rock, Ark., Kerry McCoy moved to Dallas after high school, where she attended Miss Wades Fashion Merchandizing School. She graduated during the 1974 recession and began working as a Betsy Ross Flag Girl when she could not find a job in her field. 

After a trip home to North Little Rock, Kerry, somewhat discouraged by her situation in Dallas, checked the Yellow Pages to see how well flag businesses were represented in Little Rock. “Nobody did it here,” she said.
Determined to make a go of it, Kerry returned to Dallas long enough to quit her job. She returned to North Little Rock with $400, which she spent on a business permit, business cards (designed sitting on her mother's living room floor) and order sheets. Kerry says that she spent many of the early days distributing her cards to Central Arkansas businesses.
Over the last 40 years, Arkansas Flag and Banner has grown from door-to-door sales to telephone sales, catalog sales, a retail store front, and online sales. Today, in addition to telephone, catalog, and a retail showroom, the online store carries more than 22,000 products. Kerry has come a long way from $400 and self-designed business cards.
Kerry is often called upon by local organizations to speak about her American success story. Young business students benefit from hearing about her inspirational journey, the experience of starting a business, common mistakes to avoid, and more.
This past year, Kerry was part of a video and television interview and tour of the Flag and Banner facilities by the Small Business Administration as a "prime example" of what the SBA can do to help small businesses. In addition, the Arkansas Capital Corporation featured Arkansas Flag and Banner as one of their success stories in Arkansas Bankers Association magazine.
In 2013, Kerry will have a film crew from AETN documenting her work with Friends of Dreamland Ballroom, the nonprofit she started to rescue and restore the historic Ballroom on the third floor of the Taborian Hall, home of Arkansas Flag and Banner.
  • Established: 1975 (as Arkansas Flag and Banner)
  • Headquarters: Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Employees: 25
  • 2014 Revenues: 3 million