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Brave Magazine Fall 2017

Twelve Years on Death Row

By Madison Monroe

Ask not for whom the bell tolls….it tolls for thee. How do you plead? Not Guilty. Based on post-conviction DNA testing 350 people have been released from US prisons. This is the story of number 214 and 215. Lavon Brooks and Kennedy Brewer were both from the same small town in Mississippi. They were about the same age and didn’t live far from each other. They weren’t friends, but they did know each other, as most people do in small towns. Their stories are woven together by the atrocity of the crimes for which they were convicted, the testimony of the same two experts at both their trials, and the man that really did it.. Read More...


A Foundation of Support

By Madison Monroe

It was Marine Sergeant Marshall Kennedy’s fourth deployment in the war on terrorism. He’d been stationed twice in Iraq and once in the Pacific on a Marine Expeditionary Unit known as a ‘Force in Readiness’ ship. He was now in Afghanistan. His platoon had been given intel by the locals that there was a stockade of weapons hidden in a nearby enemy compound. The tip had proven true.

[As he turned, he felt the sickening feeling of the familiar compression of the earth. In the Nano-second before it exploded, Sgt. Kennedy’s mind registered the enormity of what was about to happen. He had just triggered an IED.]  Read More...


Pretty in Pink: State Flags Make a Bold Statement

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. What does your state flag look like in pink?

Submitted by Geoffrey Jackson

One in eight women WILL get breast cancer at some point in their lives. In 30% of all new cases reported, breast cancer is the leading type of non-skin related cancer diagnosed in women. It is quite likely that each person reading this article either knows someone who went through the struggle or is someone that experienced it. For me, it was my second wife, Wendy Arehart. She was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in January 2009 at 33 years old and passed away 29 months later at the age of 35. Read More...


Follow Your Star

Up in Your Business Radio Show Excerpt

Sami Lal was born in Punjab, India. The only son to work with his father in the family owned grocery store, he helped to provide an income for his family of eight until he was in his mid-twenties.

He never graduated high school, yet he speaks several languages and has a resume that includes grocery clerk, dishwasher, chef, food taster, hotel worker, restaurant business partner and, finally, owner. Sami attributes his success to God, but he always said yes to life and was never afraid to follow his star. Read More...



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