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End Of The Line book

  • Size:6 in. x 9 in.
  • Material:Paperback
  • $24.02

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A history of Little Rock's West Ninth Street, by Berna J. Love, from early 20th Century to the 1970's.

'The Line was more than a street. West Ninth Street, known to locals as The Line, was a boundary that separated Little Rock's (Arkansas) black and white societies.

'West Ninth Street wasn't about out bricks, boards, and mortar; it was about a people who sought a better world for themselves. The Line was the stage upon which we can now see the greatest drama of the twentieth century - the greatest finale - the emancipation of a People. A look a societal events, area histories, and personal perspectives reveals a myriad of factors that contributed to West Ninth Street's glorious heyday and it's final years of withering away.'

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