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1912 Arkansas State Flag Hocker Design (4 ft x 6 ft)

  • SKU:  HAR461912
  • Size:4 ft. x 6 ft.
  • Material:Nylon
  • 224.89 USD$224.89

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Arkansas was a state for 76 years before it an official flag had been adopted. In 1912 the Daughters of the American Revolution decided to run a state wide contest. Miss Willie Hocker's design was chosen as the winner on Feb. 18, 1913. Her design was a rectangular field of red, with a centered large white diamond bordered by twenty-five white stars on a blue band. Three blue stars in a straight line were centered within the diamond. 2013 marked the flags 100th Anniversary!

Miss Hocker explained that the colors in her design meant that Arkansas was one of the United States of America. The three blue stars had three meanings: Arkansas belonged to three countries (France, Spain, and the United States) before attaining statehood; 1803 was the year of the Louisiana Purchase when the land that is now Arkansas was acquired by the United States; and Arkansas was the third state created from the purchase by the United States, after Louisiana and Missouri.

The 4 ft. x 6 ft. flag is made of quality nylon for a strong and durable flag. Specially treated to reduce sun and chemical deterioration. Includes brass grommets and a white canvas heading.

Made in USA

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