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AED Teardrop Flag Sets

Make sure your AED station is immediately noticed with our AED Teardrop Flag Sets. The bright red teardrop flag calls attention with bold AED white letters and a white heart with a red electric symbol. Our 8-1/2 ft. teardrop flags are printed on high quality nylon and 100% made in the USA. Each set includes a durable 12 ft. rotating graphite composite pole and either a rotating ground spike or rotating crossbase with waterbag. Our AED flag sets are easily portable so you can place them virtually anywhere needed. Please Note: These are made to order. If the item is out of stock, please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

AED stands for Automated External Defibrillator which is a medical device that analyzes heart rhythm. If cardiac arrest is occurring, the device delivers an electrical shock to help re-establish an effective heart rhythm. Currently, 19 US states require an AED on school property or at schools that offer athletics. And in 14 states they are required in health clubs. Municipalities are even beginning to use AED's in public buildings.

For a complete list of states and AED laws, please visit Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation for more information.

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SKU:  Material Size Includes Price Quantity Status
KTDAEDS Nylon / Graphite Composite / Metal 12 ft. x 29 in. Ground Spike $413.06 Made to Order
Allow 4-6 weeks

KTDAEDC Nylon / Graphite Composite / Metal 12 ft. x 29 in. Crossbase $450.17 Made to Order
Allow 4-6 weeks

DFLAGAED Nylon 8-1/2 ft. x 29 in. Flag Only $236.28 Made to Order
Allow 4-6 weeks

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