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Alaska Flag (Nylon)

For outdoor (or indoor) display, this Alaska Flag is made from 100% heavyweight nylon fabric specially treated to minimize sun and chemical deterioration. This single reverse flag is dyed and finished with strong canvas headings and brass grommets. Made in the USA!

Designed in 1926 by thirteen-year-old orphan John Bell (Benny) Benson, the flag of Alaska is a simple pattern of eight gold stars on a field of dark blue. The dark blue field is a tribute to the Alaskan sky and the forget-me-not flower. The larger star represents the North star, and the other stars make up the big dipper.

Mobile users: to view the grid properly, use the Columns down arrow to add columns or flip your device sideways. 

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SKU:  Material Size Price Quantity Status
SAK1218 Nylon 12 in. x 18 in. $19.99 In Stock
SAK23 Nylon 2 ft. x 3 ft. $42.63 In Stock
SAK35 Nylon 3 ft. x 5 ft. $66.85 In Stock
SAK46 Nylon 4 ft. x 6 ft. $118.58 In Stock
SAK58 Nylon 5 ft. x 8 ft. $165.85 Allow 4-6 weeks
SAK610 Nylon 6 ft. x 10 ft. $271.25 Allow 8-12 weeks
SAK812 Nylon 8 ft. x 12 ft. $558.95 Allow 8-12 weeks
SAK1015 Nylon 10 ft. x 15 ft. $736.25 In Stock
SAK1218F Nylon 12 ft. x 18 ft. $892.80 In Stock

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