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Arkansas Flag Fringed with Pole Hem

Our dyed nylon Arkansas flag features a 3 in., flannel-lined pole hem, Velcro tabs and golden yellow fringe. Brilliant luster and fast colors make it ideal for indoor display or as a parade flag. Indoor flags are used for a variety of official functions, read more about how to properly present flags in an indoor setting.

Click here for the history of the Arkansas Flag!

Fact about the state of Arkansas:

In 1783, the only Revolutionary War skirmish in the state occurred at the Arkansas Post, called the Colbert Incident.
The battle fought at Arkansas Post on April 17, 1783 was a part of a series of small battles fought between Spanish and British forces in the Lower Mississippi region from 1779, when Spain entered the war on the side of the United States. The battle consisted of an attack on the Spanish-controlled post by British partisans led by James Colbert. The primary engagement was a six-hour siege of the post's fort and a subsequent sortie by the Spanish defenders, causing the British forces to rout.
The battle took place three months after the preliminary peace treaty between Spain and Great Britain was signed on January 20, but word of the treaty had not yet reached the Lower Mississippi region.

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