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Arkansas Flag with Pole Hem

Dyed nylon flag featuring 3 in. flannel-lined pole hem and Velcro tabs. Brilliant luster and fast colors make it ideal for indoor display or as a parade flags.

The white stars on the blue border to the white lozenge on the flag of Arkansas indicate that it is the Twenty-fifth State in the Union. The three stars below the name symbolize the three nations to which the region has belonged, Spain, France and the United States of America. The star above the name commemorates the Confederacy.

Click here for the history of the Arkansas Flag!

Fact about Arkansas:

Jean-Baptiste BĂ©nard de La Harpe was a French officer, trader, and explorer. He was the first European explorer to record the existence of a large rocky bluff on the north bank of the Arkansas River. This major outcrop of rock is just upstream from a smaller rock, where it was possible to ford the river. It was at this location that the settlement of Little Rock (Pulaski County) subsequently developed. La Harpe's name has been given tot he street closest to the river, La Harpe Boulevard, in downtown Little Rock.

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