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Ground Sleeve

  • SKU:  CGCA3010
  • Size:3 ft. x 10 in.
  • Material:Steel
  • 541.88 USD$541.88

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This is a typical industry-standard ground sleeve for installing a ground-set commercial flag pole. The sleeve is made from 16 GA corrugated steel with a base plate and a 3/4 in. grounding spike attached. The corrugated steel sleeve needs to have an inside diameter larger than 2 inches than the outside diameter of the flagpole. This will allow room for adjustment when plumbing the flagpole in the event that the sleeve is mounted slightly off plumb. Sand may then be used to set the pole in the sleeve.These are the groundsleeve/flagpole size combinations used for flagpole installation:

  • 8 in. inside diameter sleeve for 5 in. diameter poles.
  • 10 in. inside diameter sleeve for 6 in. diameter poles.
  • 12 in. inside diameter sleeve for 7 in. diameter poles.
  • 14 in. inside diameter sleeve for 8 in. diameter poles.

Please Note: Length of sleeve does not include length with spike attached.

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