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General Military Veteran Grave Marker (Thermoplastic)

  • SKU:  GRAV362
  • Size:22 in.
  • Material:Thermoplastic
  • 31.42 USD$31.42

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Honor your military man or woman with this antique bronze finish thermoplastic grave marker. This official veterans grave marker design is mounted on 20 in. aluminum rod and can hold one 12 in. x 18 in. American flag or Armed Forces flag. Flag not included! See below to shop for flags.

Actual shipping costs for this product will be calculated based on delivery location and weight and added to your order. For an estimate of shipping costs, please email Sales@FlagAndBanner.com. Memorial Day orders need to be placed no later than May 1st.

Interesting information about our military history: America has a rich and diverse military history spanning more than two centuries. Our nation, while still young in the world compared to some other nations, has been at the forefront of military technology throughout our history.

Beginning as far back as 1620 our military history begins with civilian frontiersmen, armed for hunting and basic survival in the New World. These men were organized into local militias to take part in small military operations, mostly against Native American tribes, raids from other neighboring European colonies and to take part in early British military action in the thirteen colonies.

At the end of the American Revolution there was a strong national distrust of a standing army, so the Continental Army was demobilized. It was not until the late 19th / early 20th century that what we know of today as the current standing army (this phrase includes Navy/Marines) was formed. Even after the establishment of a permanent standing army, the force levels were kept to a minimum during peace time. This resulted in America being unprepared for its entry into both world wars. Although this could be thought of as a good thing, due to the long lead up to becoming embroiled in these wars American industry was able to gear up for higher war production and the creation of new technologies.

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