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Iceland Miniature Flag

Iceland adopted this flag in 1944. This flag features the Scandinavian cross, a symbol of Christianity. Originally blue with a white cross, the red cross was added in 1915. The colors of this flag reflect Iceland's landscape. Blue represents the Atlantic Ocean, white represents snow and ice, and red symbolizes lava from the country's many volcanoes.

This flag is dyed on silky, lustrous rayon and is hemmed and mounted to a black pole that includes a gold-painted spear. The 4 in. x 6 in. flag is mounted to a 10 in. pole, while the 8 in. x 12 in. flag is mounted to a 19 in. pole including 1 in. spear. Base not included.

Mobile users: to view the grid properly, use the Columns down arrow to add columns or flip your device sideways. 

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MICEL46 Rayon 4 in. x 6 in. $4.83 In Stock
MICEL812 Rayon 8 in. x 12 in. $19.77 In Stock

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