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Internal Halyard Cable Assembly

Make sure your flagpole rope is always accessible with the Internal Halyard Cable Assembly. The cable assembly is constructed of 1/8 in. stainless steel aircraft cable. For flagpoles 50 ft. and up, the cable assembly is manufactured from 1/8 in. stainless steel aircraft cable used on the inside leg, and of 5/32 in. stainless steel aircraft cable used on the outside leg. Halyard assembly incorporates a stainless steel swivel to minimize the effect of unraveling due to the rotation of the truck assembly. The lower cable section has a copper cable stop attached to one end for installation into a stainless steel winch. The upper section is supplied with a stainless steel thimble, two copper crimps, and two ball cable stops. This section must be threaded through the truck assembly, therefore these parts are not attached to the cable before shipment and must be attached in the field.

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SKU:  Material Size Price Quantity Status
CCABL25 Stainless Steel For 25 ft. Pole $312.09 In Stock
CCABL30 Stainless Steel For 30 ft. Pole $324.09 In Stock
CCABL35 Stainless Steel For 35 ft. Pole $345.92 In Stock
CCABL40 Stainless Steel For 40 ft. Pole $384.12 In Stock
CCABL45 Stainless Steel For 45 ft. Pole $400.49 In Stock
CCABL50 Stainless Steel For 50 ft. Pole $460.52 In Stock
CCABL60 Stainless Steel For 60 ft. Pole $487.80 In Stock
CCABL70 Stainless Steel For 70 ft. Pole $542.37 In Stock
CCABL80 Stainless Steel For 80 ft. Pole $575.11 In Stock
CCABL100 Stainless Steel For 100 ft. Pole $793.39 In Stock
CCABL120 Stainless Steel For 120 ft. Pole $891.62 In Stock
CCABL130 Stainless Steel For 130 ft. Pole $990.94 In Stock
CCABL140 Stainless Steel For 140 ft. Pole $1,007.31 In Stock
CCABL150 Stainless Steel For 150 ft. Pole $1,105.53 In Stock

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