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Marine Corps Grave Marker

Honor your Marine with this aluminum grave marker that has a powder coat finish for a permanent weather-proof finish.

  • The UNFACED aluminum grave marker has a powder coat finish for a permanent weather-proof finish.
  • The FACED aluminum grave marker has sanded off the raised surface to highlight the letters of the insignia and words.

This official design is mounted on 20 in. rod and can hold one 12 in. x 18 in. American flag. Aluminum markers come with aluminum rods. Flag not included! See flags below.

Actual shipping costs for this product will be calculated based on delivery location and weight and added to your order. For an estimate of shipping costs, please email Sales@FlagAndBanner.com. Memorial Day orders need to be placed no later than May 1st.

After World War II, despite the Marine Corps many achievements they were almost disbanded. Drawing on hastily assembled Congressional support, the National Security Act of 1947 was passed giving the Marine Corps permanent protection from demobilization. Despite this act, the Marines suffered from major post-war cutbacks and drawdowns in size.

When the Korean War began the Marine Corps had been slowly rebuilding their forces and continuing to improve their air techonologies. During the course of the Korean War, Marines played a large role as their air, ground and amphibious forces our flanked the enemy at the Battle of Inchon. When the People's Republic of China entered the war, Chinese troops surprised and outnumbered American forces. While the U.S. Eighth Army retreated, the 1st Marine Division, while attached to the Army's X Corps regrouped and inflicted heavy casualties during their fighting withdrawal to the coast. Now known as the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, this battle entered Marine lore as an example of the toughness and resolve of the United States Marine. During the Korean War the Marine Corps expanded from 75,000 to a force of 261,000. 4,267 Marines were killed and 23,744 wounded during the war and 42 Marines were awarded the Medal of Honor. In comparison, today there are 195,000 active duty Marines with around 40,000 in reserve forces. .

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