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Sultanate of Brunei Miniature Flag

  • SKU:  MBRUN46
  • Size:4 in. x 6 in.
  • Material:Rayon
  • $3.24
  • List Price: $3.72
  • You Save: 12.90%

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The Brunei flag was adopted in 1959. The yellow field on this flag represents royalty, while the black and white parallelograms represent Brunei’s chief ministers. The crest of Brunei is pictured in the center of the flag in red. The crest includes a crescent symbolizing Islam, a parasol symbolizing monarchy, and two upturned hands symbolizing the benevolence of the government, with a ribbon beneath. On the crescent and ribbon are Arabic inscriptions that say “State of Brunei, Abode of Peace” and Brunei’s motto, “Always in Service with God’s Guidance.”

This flag is dyed on silky, lustrous rayon and is hemmed and mounted to a 10 in. black pole that includes a gold-painted spear. Base not included.

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