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Ethiopia Miniature Flag

  • SKU:  METHI46
  • Size:4 in. x 6 in.
  • Material:Rayon
  • 4.42 USD$4.42

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Although the current Ethiopian flag was adopted in 2009 its traditional colors were first used on a flag in 1897. Green represents the land, yellow symbolizes peace and hope, and red stands for strength. The star emblem represents both unity and diversity. The blue background of the emblem represents peace and the sun’s rays radiating from the star signify prosperity. In honor of Ethiopia’s resistance to occupation, many other African countries adopted these colors after colonization. They are sometimes referred to as the Pan-African colors.

This flag is dyed on silky, lustrous rayon and is hemmed and mounted to a 10 in. black pole that includes a gold-painted spear. Base not included.

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