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Perched Eagle Ornament with Ferrule

These American Bald Perched Eagle Ornament are available in a shiny gold finish styrene plastic or plated gold aluminum.. This handsome ornament is as tall as it is wide and has a 7/8 in. inside diameter to complete your presentation pole. For use with Style A poles simply fit ornament with ferrule on to the tapered top of the pole. For use with Style B poles remove the ferrule attached and screw the ornament directly on to the threaded top of the pole. For use with Style C poles slide ornament with ferrule down into top opening of pole.

Please Note: Plastic eagle ornaments will only work with Style A and C poles because they do not have a removable ferrule. Please refer to the secondary image to ensure your ornament matches your pole style.

Mobile users: to view the grid properly, use the Columns down arrow to add columns or flip your device sideways. 

  • FBPP0000011349
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SKU:  Material Size Fits Pole Style Price Quantity Status
CEAGL7GF Brass Plated 7 in. A,B,C $89.46 In Stock
CEAGL7S Gold Plastic Styrene 7 in. A,C $58.71 In Stock
CEAGL5A Plated Gold Aluminum 5 in. A,C $84.68 In Stock
CEAGL7A Plated Gold Aluminum 7 in. A, C $102.76 In Stock

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