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Christian Flag Fringed with Pole Hem (3 ft. x 5 ft.)

  • Size:3 ft. x 5 ft.
  • Material:Nylon
  • 235.72 USD$235.72

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A beautiful,heavyweight all-nylon taffeta with brilliant luster.This applique flag is decorated with 2 in. gold bullion fringe and finished with 3 ft. flannel lined pole heading and Velcro tabs.

The Christian Flag is a flag designed in the early 20th century to represent all of Christianity (see also Christendom),but it has been adopted mainly by Protestant churches in North America,Africa and Latin America. The flag has a white field,with a red Latin cross inside a blue canton. The shade of red on the cross symbolizes the blood Jesus shed on Calvary,the blue represents Jesus' title of King of Kings,and the white represents Jesus' purity.
Please Note:Due to the extra weight of this kit,actual shipping charges will be applied at the time of ship.Please feel free to email sales@FlagAndBanner. com for a shipping cost estimate.

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