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Skinny Dipper Flag

  • Size:18 in. x 18 in.
  • Material:Nylon
  • 36.34 USD$36.34

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Who doesn't enjoy spending time in their birthday suit? And when you are in your birthday suit, you may want to give others a heads up. That's why our Skinny Dipper Flag was created by the nAKed Friends out of Alaska. As explained to us, "The yellow is on top and could be seen as representing the sun or heat. The blue on the bottom could be seen as representing the sky around the sun, or the water below it. As most of our activities involve sun or heat and then being out in the air or water, the pair fit well together for our purposes… The plan is that in the future the flag will indicate to others that they are entering an area where they may encounter social nudity and to not be offended or else turn away." We love the idea and were thrilled to help make this flag.

The ensign size flag is sewn, not printed. It measures 18 in. x 18 in. and is finished with a white header and grommets. Made in Little Rock, Arkansas. See below for related products.

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