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The flag and banner business is far more complicated than you might’ve imagined. But when you order from Flag and Banner, you’ll get more than a vibrant decoration for your front yard or business. You’ll also have access to our roster of flag wizards who will make sure you order the right product for your application.

If you have questions, just ask! They have a combined 60+ years of experience, tons of patience, and a deep passion for flags. We know you will find them extremely helpful. Let’s meet them and learn a few common mistakes people make when ordering or displaying flags.

Grady McCoy, Flagpole Expert

Grady McCoy

Flagpole Expert

You can't get higher to the top of our food chain than Grady McCoy. He married FlagandBanner's owner Kerry Mccoy and has been in the flag business for 25+ years. In that time he’s become an industry expert in flags, banners, and flagpoles. Before starting in the flag business, Grady worked as an investment banker.

Common mistake: At events, sometimes the flag is displayed on the audience’s right instead of the left.

Fun fact: He was born on Abe Lincoln’s birthday, but of all the U.S. presidents, he looks the most like Bill Clinton. Would you agree?

Favorite flag: Old Glory

Email: Grady@flagandbanner.com 

Phone: 501-375-7633 ext. 104

Kirk Wygal, Custom Military and Guidons Expert

Kirk Wygal

Custom Flag Expert

In his 11+ years at Flag and Banner, Kirk has come across almost every flag-conundrum and can answer any question you might have about flags, poles and other accessories. He originally handled flags in high school JROTC, and then in the U.S. Navy. Kirk served in the Navy as a QM3 (also known as Petty Officer 3rd Class).

Common mistake: Many times customers get a double-sided flag as opposed to the standard or traditional “single reverse” style flag. Double sided flags have three-pieces of material and don’t “fly” as well. They are heavier and will drape down the flagpole.

Fun fact: Named after Star Trek's Captain Kirk

Favorite flag: The 1st Navy Jack, which he considers to be the first flag of U.S.

Email: Kirk@flagandbanner.com 

Phone: 501-375-7633 ext. 103

Sam Rutherford, Hardware Expert

Sam Rutherford

Hardware Expert

Sam started out in the screen-printing department at Flag and Banner. He moved to shipping and receiving. He spent some time in the showroom and then moved upstairs to sales. In his 23 years at Flag and Banner, he's basically seen every single part of the business of making and selling flags. When he started those many years ago, he thought all flags were the same! Now he can rattle off information about digital prints, appliques, embroidered flags, double-sided, single reverse... and help you find the perfect fit. Like Kirk, Sam also served in the military. He was a boom operator in the Air Force during the Vietnam War.

Common mistake: Customers confuse flag terminology (pennant/flag/banner) and flag fabrics

Fun fact: Sam came to us skinny, but now we call him "Big Sam".

Favorite flag: The U.S. flag

Email: Samx@flagandbanner.com 

Phone: (501) 375-7633 ext. 129

Adrienne McNally, Showroom Sales

Adrienne McNally

Showroom Sales

Meet our rising star. In only 15 months, Adrienne has worked her way up to the position of Showroom Sales Manager. She excels in customer service, sales and merchandising. When asked about working at Flag and Banner, she says, "All of my colleagues are a joy to be around. Rarely do I make it through the day without laughing myself into a belly ache. Kerry is an amazing and inspirational leader. I am constantly learning new things from her. Being able to walk into this historic building everyday is a reminder of her hard work and if you put your mind/heart into it, you can do anything."

Most requested items in the showroom: Besides the US and Arkansas flags, military gifts

Fun fact: Adrienne found her kitten underneath our building. She took it home and named it Audrey Horne, after the character on Twin Peaks.

Favorite flag: Erin go Bragh

Email: Adrienne@flagandbanner.com 

Phone: 501-375-7633 ext. 127

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