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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 8, 2021

Gray McCoy

FlagandBanner.com Opens Satellite Office in Miami, Florida

Freedom Flag sells to FlagandBanner.com

Barbara Dabney and Kerry McCoy at the Miami location
Barbara Dabney and Kerry McCoy at the Miami location (FlagandBanner.com)

Little Rock, AR: In operation since 1975, FlagandBanner.com is buying up market share. The Covid-19 pandemic proved hard on small ‘Mom and Pop’ flag businesses with many closing their doors. Seizing the opportunity to expand, FlagandBanner.com owner Kerry McCoy offered Freedom Flag’s owner, Barbara Dabney, a retirement plan that allowed her to move out of the industry while keeping her business relevant. In the purchasing agreement, FlagandBanner.com will retain Freedom Flag’s customers and employees and expand their manufacturing capabilities.

In 2020, FlagandBanner.com bought About Flags, a Pennsylvania flag store, owned by Marilyn Cattie who said, “I decided to retire after 31 years in the business and am happy to report that I sold my business to another flag dealer who started in the industry around the same time I did many, many years ago. FlagandBanner.com is a family-owned business. It seems the owner has a similar personality as me and her business is thriving.” Kerry McCoy saw immediate growth in her business after the purchase and decided to look for similar opportunities. When Freedom Flag’s owner in Miami hinted that she was ready to retire, McCoy jumped on the announcement. McCoy said, “I am so excited about the manufacturing capabilities of the Miami site. This vertical integration of business will improve our customers’ shopping experience and delivery time.” With the addition of Miami manufacturing space and employees, the company expects to increase the custom-made part of the business.

McCoy expanded her brand even further with the 2020 purchase of OurCornerMarket.com. “I was so excited to learn that OurCornerMarket.com was for sale that I jumped on it as soon as I heard. The product dovetails so perfectly with the FlagandBanner.com site that I felt like it was kismet. So often, when customers buy flagpoles, they want dedication plaques. We now can meet that need. But even more than that, I am looking forward to expanding the OurCornerMarket.com product line with pet products. The thing that appealed the most to me was the actual name of the site. What I can sell on it is limitless.” Presently, the site caters to new homeowners shopping for address plaques and those who want to personalize a memorial. Boasting more than 1,500 products, OurCornerMarket.com fills a niche market.

FlagandBanner.com carries more than 20,000 products including flags, poles, hardware, accessories, banners, bunting, clothing, home decor and more on their website. The company also manufactures custom flags, banners, and other custom products. Visit their historic showroom located at 800 W. 9th Street in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas. Open Mon-Fri 8-5:30 and Sat. 10-4, closed Sundays. For more information about FlagandBanner.com, visit them online or call 1-800-445-0653 to speak with one of their friendly flag experts.

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