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Alese Stroud of Corporate Insight Strategy

Listen to the 2/2/18 podcast to learn:
  • About Stroud's background in programming 
  • How she started her first business
  • What Corporate Insight Strategy does for businesses
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Alese Stroud is an Arkansas woman through and through. She was born in Jonesboro and grew up in Pine Bluff. She graduated from the University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Commercial Art. As a young mother and single parent she realized she needed more education and earned a Data Processing Diploma. With this new degree, she landed a job with a little startup company called Systematics. By the time she left, her responsibilities included coding, support and project leadership experience with the Systematics applications.

She opened Stroud Consulting Group where she served as a Senior Systems Consultant and Project Manager converting financial systems, installing upgrades and developing and testing software for Signature Bank, Black Diamond Information Technology, Citizen’s Bank, EGA Records Management, Citibank, American Express and Chase Manhattan Bank.

During the nearly two decades of working in operations, she grew to understand that the non-operational side of business was equally important. Acting on this realization, three years ago she opened Corporate Insight Strategy, a company that evaluates and prepares her client’s businesses for a 10 times growth and/or leadership transitions.  She uses a fact based model to access the status of these organizations, their operations and their culture.

She is a frequent speaker at Rotary 99 Club, The Venture Center and Little Rock’s Tech Fest and volunteers her time at Wildwood Park for the Performing Arts, The Centers for Youth and Families and Startup Weekend.

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