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Arlo Washington

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  • The razor technique he brought back from New York that paved his way to a successful barber shop.
  • Why having access to capital and small loans is vital to a struggling community.
  • What and who are the "Unbanked".
  • Arlo takes on modeling. His time in New York working as a male model.

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Hilary Downey and Bridget Shinn

Arlo Washington, who had been a barber for about 10 years, founded the literacy non-profit in 2008, the same year he opened the for-profit, Washington Barber College “A barber is a community-based person, so as a barber, I was able to identify what was going on and saw the need for financial services,” said Washington, whose family roots in the Razorback state dates to the Emancipation era.  

“I grew up in generational poverty and know the problems of accessing capital when you don’t understand credit and is not financially literate,” he continued. By 2014, PEOPLE transformed into PEOPLE Trust and started making small dollar loans to low income students and 2016 became a CDFI.

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