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Ep 0089 | Arnessa Bennett, Motivational Speaker | May 25, 2018

Listen to the podcast to learn:

  • Your life is a movie and you’re the star…Arnessa tells you how to act the part.
  • Find out what Arnessa says is holding most people back in their life.
  • Tips for manifesting your dreams into reality.

Behind the Scenes with Facebook Live

Arnessa Bennett, MDiv, CDP

Arnessa Bennett has been a nationally and internationally life coach, motivational/inspirational speaker and talk show host. She is the executive director and founder of the Arnessa Bennett Personal and Professional Development Institute (ABPPDI), based in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Its mission is to offer specialized training, educational programs and health awareness that empowers and inspires individuals youth and adults to personally navigate through life and develop professionally, while providing a network of support.

Arnessa Bennett says, “When you finally get... how powerful you and your mind truly are, and declare, claim and decide to own it, then you will start seeing your desires in life start manifesting.”

Through Arnessa’s commitment, experiences, and expertise she is truly living her dreams and purpose in life. Arnessa Bennett said. “I have made it my mission to help shift the mindset from an archaic way of thinking to a new true direction…” Arnessa Bennett has associated with some of the nation’s most successful and influential people in her field.

She is the former 18-year veteran talk show host of a Comcast Cablevision show "Arnessa and Company." She has shifted gears to encompass more multi-media ventures. Some of Arnessa’s signature seminars are: Your Life Movie Seminar, W.A.Y.S (Women Attracting Yearly Success) and the Esther Experience Enlightenment Event. She will be launching a new podcast talk show “Your Life Movie with Arnessa Bennett” and a YouTube Channel, named Arnessa Bennett.

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Arnessa and Kerry In Studio

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