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Ep 0089 | Arnessa Bennett, Motivational Speaker | May 25, 2018

Listen to Learn:

  • Your life is a movie and you’re the star…Arnessa tells you how to act the part.
  • Find out what Arnessa says is holding most people back in their life.
  • Tips for manifesting your dreams into reality.

Behind the Scenes with Facebook Live

Arnessa Bennett, MDiv, CDP

Arnessa Bennett has been a nationally and internationally life coach, motivational/inspirational speaker and talk show host. She is the executive director and founder of the Arnessa Bennett Personal and Professional Development Institute (ABPPDI), based in North Little Rock, Arkansas. Its mission is to offer specialized training, educational programs and health awareness that empowers and inspires individuals youth and adults to personally navigate through life and develop professionally, while providing a network of support.

Arnessa Bennett says, “When you finally get... how powerful you and your mind truly are, and declare, claim and decide to own it, then you will start seeing your desires in life start manifesting.”

Through Arnessa’s commitment, experiences, and expertise she is truly living her dreams and purpose in life. Arnessa Bennett said. “I have made it my mission to help shift the mindset from an archaic way of thinking to a new true direction…” Arnessa Bennett has associated with some of the nation’s most successful and influential people in her field.

She is the former 18-year veteran talk show host of a Comcast Cablevision show "Arnessa and Company." She has shifted gears to encompass more multi-media ventures. Some of Arnessa’s signature seminars are: Your Life Movie Seminar, W.A.Y.S (Women Attracting Yearly Success) and the Esther Experience Enlightenment Event. She will be launching a new podcast talk show “Your Life Movie with Arnessa Bennett” and a YouTube Channel, named Arnessa Bennett.

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Arnessa and Kerry In Studio

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[0:00:08.8] TB: Welcome to Up in Your Business with Kerry McCoy, a production of flagandbanner.com. Stay tuned to hear how you can get a copy of this program and other helpful documents.

Now, it's time for Kerry McCoy to get all up in your business.


[0:00:26.9] KM: Thank you, Tim. Like Tim said, I’m Kerry McCoy and it’s time for me to get up in your business. This show Up In your Business with Kerry McCoy began with entrepreneurs in mind, a platform for me, a small business owner and a guest to pay forward our experiential knowledge in a conversational way.

As with all new endeavors, it's had some unexpected outcomes like behind each of my successful guests is the heart of a teacher, because we're all inspired by everyday people's American-made stories, this show has had a wide appeal to everyone, not just business owners. Last is that business in of itself is creative.

My guest today is a life coach, motivational speaker and talk show host, Miss Arnessa Bennett. For 18 years, Arnessa hosted a cable TV show called Arnessa and Company. During this time, she also founded Arnessa Bennett Personal and Professional Development Institute in North Little Rock, Arkansas. It's a nonprofit 501C3 that says it is committed to being a change agent in helping to better the lives of youths and adults.

What makes Arnessa that qualified for such a big task? She has an associate degree in theology, a bachelor degree in religious arts and a masters of divinity, plus she just plain old loves it and believes empowering others is her life calling. For 25 years she has been helping people be the best they can be in both their personal and professional life. She says when you finally get how powerful you and your mind truly are and declare claim and decide to own it, then you will see your desires in life begin to manifest.

It is a pleasure to welcome to the table the inspiring Miss Arnessa Bennett.

[0:02:16.3] AB: It is a pleasure to be here. I mean, I just love you energy of your group.

[0:02:21.2] KM: Aren’t they great?

[0:02:22.2] AB: They are.

[0:02:23.1] KM: I know. It’s a lot of people in this room. If you're on Facebook, you know that because you can see everybody walking around. The term life coach is was probably not even around when you started, empowering people.

[0:02:34.2] AB: Oh, no.

[0:02:35.3] KM: What did you call yourself back then?

[0:02:37.5] AB: Always a motivational speaker, because people were telling me, “You motivated me. You made me think about some things,” because I'm a question asked ester. I like to ask questions, because I think everybody has a story. Sometime no one ever asked them their story. When you asked them their story and they start glowing, it was needed.

[0:03:00.3] KM: That is so true. Nobody ever listens. You just listen. You're just a good listener.

[0:03:07.1] AB: I’m a good listener, because when I was growing up back in the 60s, when my grandmother and her friends would get together, as long as you were quiet, you could stay in the room. I was always quiet and I listened. I think that's why I'm so wise now, because there were some wise ladies. I got to hear all these different things that was going on. Now, it's the same thing happening over and over, just a different century.

[0:03:35.2] KM: Yeah, because humans are humans.

[0:03:37.0] AB: They're human.

[0:03:37.8] KM: Forever and ever. You have a favorite story that your grandmother you’re your grandmother’s? You don’t have to tell if you don’t. From the looks of your education, I would have thought you to become a preacher.

[0:03:50.4] AB: Well, I think that's something I'm running from. Usually when I do my motivational talks, people go like, “Where do you preach?” I’m like, “Well, I'm not a preacher. I'm a motivational speaker.” They say, “You motivated me, but you were preaching too sister.”

[0:04:08.3] KM: Why are you running from that?

[0:04:09.6] AB: I think it will happen in time.

[0:04:11.0] KM: You did. Why are you running? Why do you think you're running? I mean, you started off doing that. You’re a master of divinity.

[0:04:18.1] AB: Yes. It will happen in time.

[0:04:21.8] KM: Were your parents very religious?

[0:04:23.9] AB: Oh, yeah. We grew up in the church. You know what? I've always been in the church, but I didn't start walking the walk until when I was married. I got married when I was 20 and I got pregnant when I was 22. I was pregnant with my son and I went to one of my regular checkup, so the doctor said, “Next time when you come, bring your husband with you.” I’m like, “He never comes with me, but okay.”

We went to the next appointment. He says, “I need to tell you Arnessa, you have cancer.” I’m like, “I have cancer and I'm pregnant?” I’m like “Where's the cancer?” He said, “In your uterus.” I’m like, “Isn’t that where I hold the baby?” He says, “Yes.” I said, “Okay, how does this work? I'm pregnant and I have cancer.” He says, “Yes.” He said, “You're going to have the baby. We're going to keep monitoring you, but first we're going to focus on the baby.” I'm like, “Yeah, this is going to be my only child.”

My husband and I, we kept it between our parents. We didn't let a lot of people know, because back in the 80s, my son was born at ’82. If you had cancer, it was like, you're gone. I wanted to stay focused. What I did, I stayed focused on I'm going to have this baby and I'm going to get rid of the cancer. I'm going to have this baby and I'm going to get rid of the cancer. I had my son and he was in good shape, so then after that they were trying to decide how they’re going to do with the cancer.

I was able to have surgery. They were able to get the cancer, because it stayed – I don't know if it was because I was pregnant, but just stayed in one area. I had a partial hysterectomy. Because they didn't want to do a complete hysterectomy, because I was only 22-years-old, so I would have had to take hormones all my life. I was able to get rid of cancer and that's when I realized it wasn't just going to church, it was having a relationship.

[0:06:32.0] KM: That's when you really began to use what you had been given all of your all of years.

[0:06:36.9] AB: All of my life.

[0:06:37.9] KM: Don't you feel sorry for people that aren't given that option in their young age?

[0:06:41.3] AB: You know, it made me look at life different. I think that's why I'm a motivational speaker, because I feel that who has time to be sad? We all go through stuff, but I think it took something like that, knowing that it was a possibility. If I hadn't caught that, I could have been gone. I feel the reason why I'm here is to motivate and inspire people to live their best life, no matter what's going on. It happens. Things happen. Give yourself a few minutes to get upset and cry, whatever you do, but then you’re still breathing, so go on with your life.

[0:07:24.6] KM: It’s you feel like you were maybe saved.

[0:07:27.8] AB: I think so. I really do.

[0:07:30.1] KM: Saved with a purpose.

[0:07:31.3] AB: Saved with a purpose.

[0:07:33.9] KM: It's a great story. How old is your son?

[0:07:35.5] AB: He is 36 and I have a grandson who’s 7. Matter of fact, this morning he goes to East End. I was at his school this morning and he's just as happy as he could be.

[0:07:47.0] KM: Oh, ain't that great to be 7? Ain’t that great? You are the youngest-looking 59-year-old. Everybody in the room is in shock at how young – nobody can believe it. I thought maybe she was 40.

[0:07:59.2] AB: Really?

[0:08:00.5] KM: Yes. Jessie thought you were in your 30s. You're beautiful.

[0:08:04.5] AB: Thank you.

[0:08:05.4] KM: Everybody on Facebook, you're lucky. You get to see this beautiful woman. What do your parents do? Then we'll take a break.

[0:08:11.9] AB: Okay. My mother was a LPN and my father in the military. I was born here in Arkansas, but then we traveled, then we came back here to Arkansas. I've had opportunities to leave. I left once and end up coming back. It’s something about Arkansas. Just I feel at home here.

[0:08:31.9] KM: It's in your blood, don’t it?

[0:08:32.7] AB: Yeah.

[0:08:33.4] KM: It’s kept stories. It’s secret.

[0:08:36.2] AB: Yeah. It’s a good place to raise a family. I do travel a lot, but this is my home base.

[0:08:41.6] KM: Yeah. I read on your website that you've been to Dubai. You did a motivational speech in Dubai. I can’t wait to hear about that.

[0:08:49.6] AB: Oh, it was beautiful.

[0:08:49.9] KM: Save it.

[0:08:51.0] AB: Okay.

[0:08:52.6] KM: Save it. I met you at the Salvation Army luncheon. You introduced me as a guest speaker. Are you a volunteer there?

[0:08:59.2] AB: I am a volunteer and I'm the president of the Women's Auxiliary.

[0:09:04.4] KM: For the Salvation Army?

[0:09:05.2] AB: For the Salvation Army. Yes.

[0:09:07.0] KM: Why? Why the Salvation Army?

[0:09:09.0] AB: Well, my husband was on the board and he was telling me he said, “This is something that would be right up your alley.” I'm like, “Oh, I got so much going on.” Then a year or so passed and we went to – I went to an event with him and the ladies said, “Yeah, we've been trying to get you.” I’m like, “Okay, well I'm going to start coming to the meetings.” I started going to the meetings, the next thing I know they said, “With all your abilities, we want you to be our president.” I'm like, “Are you sure? I don't know enough about this.” This is like, “You're a go getter. You can get some things done.” They voted me in. As the president, so I just finished my first year and I have one more year.

[0:09:51.6] KM: It's mostly I noticed, older white women.

[0:09:55.0] AB: Yes.

[0:09:56.2] KM: You are the youngest darkest person there.

[0:10:01.0] AB: I learned this year that it's only been integrated just I would say maybe seven or eight years.

[0:10:11.0] KM: Oh, no kidding.

[0:10:12.8] AB: Yes.

[0:10:13.5] KM: Pretty soon, they're going to start letting men in. There weren't any men there.

[0:10:16.4] AB: Oh, no. Really what we do is raise money to help the Salvation Army. We have three major fundraisers that we do and it's just to help and promote what they're doing. It's a great organization.

[0:10:31.1] AB: It really is and we have one lady that’s 93-years-old. You met her.

[0:10:36.3] KM: I know her.

[0:10:38.1] AB: She can run circles around this.

[0:10:40.1] KM: Is that Mary? Is that Mary?

[0:10:41.2] AB: Mary Fine.

[0:10:42.2] KM: Mary Fine. I know. She’s remarkable.

[0:10:44.1] AB: I love Mary Fine.

[0:10:46.9] KM: She’s remarkable.

[0:10:47.4] AB: She is. When you get an opportunity to listen to her story, she is a pacesetter and she is one of those people who did things that no people didn't do.

[0:10:59.3] KM: She did things when women didn't do it. When World War II, she was a

[inaudible 0:11:01.7].

[0:11:02.7] AB: Yes.

[0:11:04.2] KM: Yeah. I'm glad she's still going down there. We're going to go to a break, but what is the mission of the Salvation Army?

[0:11:10.9] AB: We are a Christian organization that promotes and helps people that cannot help themselves.

[0:11:18.2] KM: Well, I'll tell you when I was down there, I felt so honored to be there and I felt that there's not enough – there's just not enough praise that can be made about the Salvation Army. I never passed one of those buckets without putting money in it. Nobody else should either.

[0:11:36.6] AB: Because you may see me ringing. I rung the bell last year and had a great time.

[0:11:41.9] KM: That’s very old sort organization.

[0:11:44.1] AB: Yeah, really. It’s all over the world.

[0:11:46.2] KM: It's just wonderful. It's like the Red Cross. People need to really – it's old school, so people don't think about it, but it's been doing the good thing for a long time.

[0:11:55.0] AB: Well, it's an army. It's like a real – Salvation Army is a real army.

[0:12:00.1] KM: Really?

[0:12:00.8] AB: Yes. They’re all over the world.

[0:12:03.8] KM: I love it. This is a great place to take a break. When we come back, we'll continue our conversation with entrepreneur, life coach and inspirational speaker, Miss Arnessa Bennett from the Arnessa Bennett Personal and Professional Development Institute in North Little Rock, Arkansas. We’ll get her tips for free on today's show on how to live the life you were meant to be.


[0:12:42.3] KM: You're listening to Up In your Business with me, Kerry McCoy. I'm speaking today with Miss Arnessa Bennett, entrepreneur, life coach and motivational speaker who went from helping those in Arkansas to somehow helping those far away as Dubai. We're going to find out about that. Yup, you heard me right. I don't know how she – that story came about, but we're going to find out all about it.

At the break, if you were on Facebook you heard all of this. If you were not on Facebook, I'm telling Arnessa I’m going to bust her out. She's going to do a little preaching to everybody about how she survived cancer, bore a beautiful son and wishes that all women would take good health care and take care of themselves and be sure and go to the doctors for all their –

[0:13:26.7] AB: Early detection is very important as well. That's why I'm here. Women have to go and get their yearly pap smears. You get to a certain age, you had to get your mammogram, but it is so important to get checked out. You would be surprised the women who don't go and get checked up, checked out until something is really wrong.

[0:13:46.8] KM: Too far gone.

[0:13:47.6] AB: Too far gone.

[0:13:48.7] KM: She also said during the time that she was fighting her cancer battle, she lost a few friends to the same type of cancer, I guess?

[0:13:56.0] AB: Well, I don't know if it was the same type, but it was cancer.

[0:14:00.4] KM: Yeah, we've come a long way in cancer research since the 1980s. Arnessa, you say about yourself. You're adamant about helping men and women to overcome their doubts, shift their mindset, beliefs and find their true clarity, so that they too can embrace and attain the new definition of their best self in life. In that statement, you say they too, like you have already done it. Is this what happened to you?

[0:14:30.3] AB: Yes. I think sometimes we have to go back to what we were told when we were younger. A lot of people were told that you're not smart and it could be because they weren't good at taking tests.

[0:14:44.9] KM: That's all.

[0:14:45.5] AB: That was it. You're smart, but you just – a certain way – I'm a visual person. I mean, I can remember what I see. I learned that I had to write it out. Now if someone that was growing up and no one ever showed them maybe other ways to do things, they could go through their whole life and think, “I'm not as smart. I'm not going to be able to go to college. I'll never be able to do management, or whatever.” You have to go back and decide, it doesn't matter what people say. If there's something in you that you want to do, go for it.

[0:15:27.3] KM: Recognize what you're good at.

[0:15:29.9] AB: Recognize what you're good at.

[0:15:32.0] KM: Don't try to fit a square peg in a round hole.

[0:15:36.1] AB: Right.

[0:15:37.0] KM: In a lot of children, or young people have got – you've got to go to school, but not everybody's good at school. It's not, excuse me, it's not the end all, to end all, but you can take a test or not.

[0:15:48.5] AB: Right. My thing is maybe you don't want to go to college. Get certified in something. Find out what it is that you like. If you get certifications, you don't have to go to four years and you don't have to take these things that you're never going to use. A lot of my friends, they're educated, they got the degree and they're not even doing with that degree is.

[0:16:13.4] KM: Oh, most of them. Most of them.

[0:16:14.9] AB: They’re doing something totally different.

[0:16:15.6] KM: They don't even know what they want to be when they get out of high school.

[0:16:17.6] AB: Exactly.

[0:16:18.5] KM: When should people come see you? When they're young to help figure that out? Or when they're older and they're having their midlife crisis? When do most people come to see you?

[0:16:26.5] AB: I have all ages that I work with. I have some people that I work with that are from Arkansas. They had the degree, they were working and they weren't making any money. They were like, “I got to leave Arkansas.” Okay, I coached them through that. One of the ladies, she wanted to move to New York. I asked her, I said, “Do you know anyone that lives in New York?” She says, “Well, I have a couple of days I've made at different events that I go to.” They’re like, “If you ever go to New York, call me.” I’m like, “Call them.”

I said, “How many?” She says, “I have four ladies.” I said, “Call each of the ladies and ask if a friend and you can stay at their house for two or three days.” We went to New York on the – I think was the second lady that we stay with. She saw how serious the young lady was about moving to New York. She says, “I'm going to give you an opportunity to stay here, rent-free for three months to find a job and find an apartment.” She did it. Now speeding time up, it's been over 10 years she's been there. She had the ideal job, she's married, she got the two kids and now she's ready to get out of corporate.

[0:17:51.6] KM: Is she back coaching with you?

[0:17:54.1] AB: I've been coaching her through the whole time.

[0:17:57.2] KM: She just needed somebody to believe in her and tell her to take that leap of faith and pick up the phone and call somebody.

[0:18:06.5] AB: Well, and you know what? It gets to the point where the decision that you're trying to make, life will help you make that decision. That's what she's working on now.

[0:18:18.3] KM: You have to start the ball rolling.

[0:18:21.5] AB: You have to.

[0:18:22.4] KM: You can't sit on the couch, or sit in your house and think, “Boy, I sure would like to move to New York. I wish one of those four people would call me.” A lot of times at Arkansas Flag and Banner I'll say, “Well, ask Bill Clinton to be on the radio show,” and everybody go, “Bill Clinton’s not going to be on your radio show.” I'll say, “Well, he's sure not if I don't ask him.”

[0:18:45.0] AB: Right. We have not because we ask not. I believe in asking. I’m like, when I go to a hotel I’m like, “Can I get a free upgrade?” If they have the rooms –

[0:18:53.7] KM: Oh, my God. I’m doing that.

[0:18:55.9] AB: If they have the rooms available, they'll do it.

[0:18:58.0] KM: Really?

[0:18:58.7] AB: Yes.

[0:18:59.2] KM: Well, that was worth this radio show right there, because I'm always in hotels.

[0:19:04.6] AB: It's all about your attitude. You got there friendly and talking to them and you just say, “Can I get a free upgrade? Do you have rooms?” Usually, sometimes they would.

[0:19:16.0] KM: What's the first thing when somebody comes to you and says, “I need help.” What's the first thing you do? Do they take a personality test?

[0:19:24.2] AB: Well, I do have a form that they fill out, but the first thing I ask them are they ready to do the work? Most people aren't ready to do the work.

[0:19:33.7] KM: Oh, that’s disappointing.

[0:19:35.3] AB: Because I don't think people have been taught – we go to a corporation, or a job and you're going to know everything about that job, their vision statement, their mission and you're going to have rules and regulations that you follow. When it comes to your life, you don't have a clue. I ask questions and most of the time they’re like, “I don’t know. I don’t know.” Then I'll tell them, “It's somebody that I need to introduce you to.” They’re like, “Who is it? Who is it?” I said, “Yourself. There’s some things that you don't even know about yourself.” That's where it starts. You got to find out about yourself. What you like, what you don't like, where you want to go, where you don't want to go.

[0:20:27.4] KM: You’re intuitive when you start to talk to them?

[0:20:29.5] AB: Yes.

[0:20:30.4] KM: That's the gift that you feel you've been given is you’re intuitive. You start to interview them, you start to talk to them and you can see their gift and then you have to tell it to them.

[0:20:40.6] AB: Well, also I have learned over the years that I have a prophetic gift.

[0:20:46.5] KM: Oh, good.

[0:20:47.2] AB: I just thought I was creative, but it comes to find out as I start studying, it's a gift that I have from God. Because I can start talking to people and just information will come out and they're going to be like, “Wow, I didn't think of that. Oh, I didn't think of that.” It’s just the Holy Spirit working through me and helping them, because a lot of times it completely turns their life around, because I'm giving them information they hadn't never thought about.

[0:21:18.3] KM: You probably never thought about till you saw them.

[0:21:20.5] AB: Right.

[0:21:21.3] KM: That's the prophetic – how do you say that word?

[0:21:23.6] AB: Prophetic.

[0:21:24.2] KM: Thank you. That’s the part that's prophecy. You never thought about it, you start talking to them and these clear ideas will come deem in your head.

[0:21:33.6] AB: It starts coming.

[0:21:34.4] KM: You feel like the Holy Spirit is speaking through you to tell them this stuff and they are enlightened.

[0:21:39.1] AB: Exactly.

[0:21:40.4] KM: I said that really well.

[0:21:41.6] AB: You did. Very well. For years when I was in corporate, I would always come up with ideas. I mean, they're going to do a campaign. I'm like, “Well, let's do this and that's do that.” They were like, “Boy, you're creative.” Now I know what it really was.

[0:22:00.2] KM: Oh, yes. What do you think is the most common problem that people have? Getting out of their way probably.

[0:22:09.1] AB: Well, they're always worrying about what other people are going to say.

[0:22:12.3] KM: What is up with that?

[0:22:13.5] AB: Who cares what other people say? Everybody has an opinion.

[0:22:19.5] KM: Everybody.

[0:22:20.2] AB: Everybody has an opinion, but you got to be happy with yourself. There are so many people, especially now since I’m in my 50s getting ready to go to my 60s, I work with ladies who are in their 50s. Some of them are telling me, “I'm just at the point where I'm able to do what I truly want to do.”

[0:22:41.2] KM: There's so much freedom in being 50 and 60. I wouldn't go back.

[0:22:48.2] AB: Now they're able to really live the life that they've always wanted to live, but now they're giving their self permission to do it.

[0:22:57.5] KM: The most common problem is worried about what other people think.

[0:23:01.5] AB: Worried about what other people think. Or trying to live up to other people's expectations and not your own.

[0:23:08.7] KM: Yeah. I think that comes from as far back as parenting, because you were always trying to not get in trouble, or to make mom or dad happy with you. It's very ingrained in us. It is a really hard habit to break.

[0:23:21.8] AB: It is. Don't wait till you get 50.

[0:23:25.9] KM: I know.

[0:23:26.5] AB: Do it earlier, because you miss out on so many opportunities.

[0:23:30.9] KM: I think I've already asked you what your specialty is and I think it's being able to identify people's strengths and build off of them.

[0:23:37.5] AB: Yes.

[0:23:39.1] KM: Do you do you prefer to work with groups or individuals?

[0:23:42.3] AB: I like working with individuals, but I'm getting to the point I think after the first year, I'm going to start doing more group, or webinars where I can reach more people. Because when you're doing just the one-on-ones, it limits you on your income, as well as reaching people.

[0:24:05.0] KM: Right. You're an entrepreneur. You can do – yeah, one-on-one is just as time-consuming as one on a hundred.

[0:24:11.8] AB: Yes.

[0:24:12.6] KM: It takes the same amount of time.

[0:24:13.7] AB: Exactly.

[0:24:15.6] KM: Are you internet savvy? I mean, are you technical savvy?

[0:24:18.1] AB: Yes. I’m working on some things. I have a podcast that's going to be coming out and I'm finally getting on YouTube. I've had so many people say, “I miss you on radio and I miss you on TV.” I can still go to the mall and someone will be like, “Didn’t you use to be on TV? I remember you.”

[0:24:37.0] KM: How long ago did you quit?

[0:24:38.7] AB: Well, quitting the Comcast with decent changes. It's been years, but people still remember.

[0:24:46.0] KM: That's because you haven't changed. You look like 30-years-old. I said that earlier. Yeah. Black don't collect time and she’s beautiful. I'm telling you. You got the prettiest skin I've ever seen in my life.

[0:24:57.7] AB: Thank you.

[0:24:58.3] KM: If you could tell what – if you could tell people one thing. What would it be?

[0:25:03.0] AB: To thyself be true. Be true be to yourself. Don't lie to yourself. I find a lot of women, they lie to themselves.

[0:25:12.3] KM: Do you think it's intentional?

[0:25:15.2] AB: I think it’s –

[0:25:16.9] KM: Or do you just think they're confused?

[0:25:17.9] AB: I think sometime they're afraid to tell the truth, because they're afraid of people might not like them, or might look at them a certain way. I'm married now and we've been – it would be 10 years that we've been married. My husband told me, he says, “One of the things I love about you, you tell me just how it is. If you like it, you like it. If you don't, you don't.”

[0:25:44.5] KM: I don't have to guess.

[0:25:45.7] AB: He said, “I do not have to guess.” We started our release about that way and he loves it, because he always – I know exactly where you’re coming from.

[0:26:00.3] KM: Do you do very many men? Do you work with very many men?

[0:26:03.5] AB: Not a lot.

[0:26:04.3] KM: Mostly women?

[0:26:05.1] AB: Mostly women and youth.

[0:26:07.4] KM: Youth. How do you stay motivated? How do you motivate yourself?

[0:26:10.6] AB: I'm just glad to be alive. I'm glad to be here. Every day is like, I'm here. what am I going to do today? People take life and death just, “I'm going to die one of these days.” I'm glad I'm here, I'm glad I feel good, it's a good day in the neighborhood. I mean, that's it.

[0:26:36.7] KM: Let's take a break. When we come back, we'll continue our conversation with entrepreneur, life coach and inspirational speaker, Miss Arnessa Bennett from the Arnessa Bennett Personal and Professional Development Institute in North Little Rock, Arkansas. We'll continue to get recommendations from her on how to live a healthy life and we'll find out what she's up to next in her career path. She gave us a little bit of it teaser earlier.


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[0:28:42.6] KM: You're listening to Up In your Business with me, Kerry McCoy. I'm speaking today with Miss Arnessa Bennett, entrepreneur, life coach and motivational speaker who actually got to speak in Dubai. We're going to find out about that story in just a minute. Arnessa, you are quite a businesswoman. You had your own TV show, Arnessa and Company, you started your own business, I think.

[0:29:04.4] AB: Years ago.

[0:29:05.5] KM: Yeah. Like 25 years ago, the Arnessa Bennett Personal and Professional Development Institute. Which came first, the show or –

[0:29:14.4] AB: Well, I started in retail. One of my jobs as a manager was to do just for success workshops.

[0:29:23.9] KM: Oh, Dress for Success, that book? Like that book Dress for Success?

[0:29:27.4] AB: Like similar to that. There was the story. They would tell me and it was to get the clients to come back and keep buying. When I would do a presentation, not only was I talking about the clothes, I was talking about the whole thing, the attitude and doing this and doing that.

[0:29:44.9] KM: How old were you? Was this before your baby or after your baby? Or during?

[0:29:51.2] AB: It was probably a little after.

[0:29:53.4] KM: You’re in your 20s.

[0:29:54.3] AB: Mm-hmm. In my 20s now. They would call me back. Like, “Okay, we want you to come speak to our group.” I'm like, “You want me to talk about clothes again?” Like, “No, you motivated us. We want you to come back and talk to us.” It was a way for me to make extra money doing speaking and doing these workshops and seminars. It just snowballed. Then I got an opportunity to be on television.

[0:30:21.2] KM: How did that happen?

[0:30:22.8] AB: I was also on a show, like today and they’re like, “Oh, you do a great job. Why don't you see about doing a show?” I’m like, “Okay.”

[0:30:31.6] KM: This is cable.

[0:30:32.6] AB: Cable. I put together a proposal of how my show would go and they accepted it.

[0:30:39.0] KM: It’s called Arnessa –

[0:30:40.6] AB: Arnessa and Company.

[0:30:41.6] KM: Who was the company?

[0:30:43.5] AB: It was just different people. It was business people. There was a special event that came to Arkansas. I would have them on the show. It was a variety.

[0:30:53.6] KM: How long was it?

[0:30:54.5] AB: About 19 years.

[0:30:56.5] KM: How long did – how long was the segment? 30 minutes? 15 minutes?

[0:30:59.0] AB: 30 minutes.

[0:31:00.2] KM: For 30 minutes, you would talk to one person on your show on cable.

[0:31:03.7] AB: Right. Then I would give some motivational tips and that kind of stuff.

[0:31:08.7] KM: Was it once a week?

[0:31:10.8] AB: Once a week. I think toward the end, it was bi-weekly. It used to be once a week, then they changed it to bi-weekly.

[0:31:17.6] KM: Then and then they changed hands.

[0:31:18.6] AB: Yeah.

[0:31:19.6] KM: Comcast went to store cable, I think or something.

[0:31:21.3] AB: Yeah. They went through a lot of different changes.

[0:31:23.5] KM: Was it hard to prepare for that?

[0:31:25.7] AB: No, because it was something that I enjoyed, because I love people, I love to hear stories. They would tell their story and how they – because it ended up being they would tell how their life started, maybe some things weren't going too well and then how things happen and now they're doing what they're doing. It was a good story to tell, people that no matter where you are, stay focused, keep doing what you're doing and you can have success.

[0:31:56.9] KM: Like The Show.

[0:31:57.8] AB: Yes.

[0:31:59.5] KM: It does seem like a lot of really successful people had a lot of strife in their life.

[0:32:04.1] AB: Oh, yeah. I think that’s what makes you strong.

[0:32:07.4] KM: Makes you unafraid to take changes, or chances.

[0:32:11.5] AB: Right.

[0:32:12.5] KM: Change and all of that. You did that show. Was it just you?

[0:32:18.3] AB: Just me.

[0:32:19.3] KM: Just you and you put together the whole show and then Comcast gave you the – or Comcast gave you the cameraman.

[0:32:24.3] AB: I would just come in with my guest and the cameraman they would, but everything would be my – I would my little backdrop and have my little name and everything. Then during this time, you decided you would put together the Arnessa Development Institute.

[0:32:38.7] AB: Well, no. That didn't come until – what I'm doing now, the Development Institute is a nonprofit. This came years later. When I toured the middle of my 50s I said, “I’m going to start doing things a little different.” I'm going to do a nonprofit where I can do my stuff and just –it's more of – is taking care of my living, but it's more of helping people.

[0:33:07.9] KM: You've been helping people for 25 years. Was it not under the name of this institute?

[0:33:12.2] AB: No. At one time, it was Arnessa Presents, because I would be doing the workshops.

[0:33:18.0] KM: Oh, I see.

[0:33:19.1] AB: Out of that was for-profit.

[0:33:22.6] KM: They would be seminars and people would come and spend the night maybe in a convention center?

[0:33:27.5] AB: Well, most of the time I will be going to them and doing a workshop.

[0:33:31.1] KM: They'd have a trade show and they'd hire you to come to the trade show and do a workshop an hour or two long seminar.

[0:33:36.1] AB: Seminar, keynote speaking, just any type of different little workshops and those type of thing, along with me doing my other –

[0:33:45.7] KM: Then you had your show at the same time. Now your show is not – that canceled your show, you're still doing your inspirational speaking. You decided to stop that and start a nonprofit, or –

[0:33:59.4] AB: Yes. Because now, everything comes through my nonprofit.

[0:34:02.6] KM: Everything.

[0:34:03.2] AB: Everything.

[0:34:04.0] KM: Why a nonprofit?

[0:34:06.2] AB: To me, it’s less headache with all of the – to me, it just – it fits better.

[0:34:12.7] KM: How can that be a nonprofit?

[0:34:16.3] AB: How can it be?

[0:34:18.0] KM: Yeah. You have to have certain guidelines to be a nonprofit. What was the criteria that you applied under that said, like I'm the Dream Land Ballroom is a nonprofit and I had to say why it was eligible for grants.

[0:34:30.6] AB: Okay. When I go and ask someone to sponsor an event, the first thing they're going to say is, “Are you a nonprofit?” Now I could say yes.

[0:34:42.0] KM: They get a tax deduction?

[0:34:43.3] AB: They get a text deduction. When I was just doing it the regular way it was like, “Well, you're not enough profit. We just can't, you know.”

[0:34:52.7] KM: I didn't know usually speakers and stuff are nonprofits?

[0:34:55.7] AB: Mm-hmm.

[0:34:56.6] KM: I did not realize that about that business model that they were often nonprofits. I had no –

[0:35:01.9] AB: People are more – they will do more when it's a nonprofit, because of that right off.

[0:35:09.8] KM: I didn't know that. Some of the seminars that you hold are your life, movie, seminar.

[0:35:18.1] AB: Let me tell you why I did that. Everyone, it's like your life is a movie. You just don't have the cameras following you. In your movie is your home, that's your set, you decorate your set, you have your wardrobe and you are the star of your life. There's so many women on me, they're afraid to be the star of their life. I'm like, “I don't understand.” You could fire people that are not doing the right thing in your movie, you could bring people in, you have your leading man if you're a woman. When I started looking at my life that way, things start changing for me. I'm like, “If it changed for me, it could change for anybody.”

[0:36:14.5] KM: That's a wonderful analogy, or the way to look at your life. You are the star of your life. You can fire people. You can make your own set.

[0:36:22.8] AB: Exactly, and you should see my set.

[0:36:24.0] KM: Never thought about that.

[0:36:25.7] AB: My home, it's girly. My husband has his man cave, but my home it's like a bed and breakfast. I mean, you have – everything that I do is like a television set. If you were looking at – I have my one guilty pleasure, which is young and restless. I look at how they have everything set and that’s how I decorate my home.

[0:36:49.8] KM: After the young and the restless.

[0:36:51.1] AB: Mm-hmm. They have some beautiful scenery in that. I'm the person, when I look at a show, I'm not really paying attention to what they're saying, I'm looking at how they have that picture, how they have the things set on the buffet, what the dishes look like when they go to the restaurant.

[0:37:11.0] KM: I get it, I get it. I so get it. I have a friend who watches The Kardashians for that very reason. I don't get that one, but I get – that's really a great analogy. I love that. You also have another seminar, Women Attracting Yearly Success and you call it WAYS.

[0:37:28.5] AB: Yes.

[0:37:29.9] KM: What's that one?

[0:37:30.8] AB: That's just more like business women. You have to decide what you want and I believe that when you speak the affirmations, when you speak things out, it comes back to you. When you let people know what you want to do, just like Dubai. That was on my vision board. When I first found out about this wonderful city and the architecture and everything I’m like, “One of these days, I want to go there.”

[0:37:59.6] KM: Really? You were intrigued by Dubai before you ever got to go there.

[0:38:04.6] AB: Oh, my God. I mean, any time there was any documentary, or a book or something about Dubai, the wealth – it just stood out to me.

[0:38:19.3] KM: You put up your picture.

[0:38:21.3] AB: I'll put it up out there and I said, “God, so one of these days I want to go to Dubai.”

[0:38:27.5] KM: Started making your affirmation.

[0:38:28.7] AB: I don't know how it's going to happen, but I want to go.

[0:38:32.1] KM: Yeah. I don't know how it's going to happen either. How did it happen?

[0:38:34.0] AB: Years later, I have a life coach. She said, “I would like you to be a part of a mastermind’s group.” I'm like, “Sure.” She says, “Well, you don't even know where it's going to be.” I said, “Well, you want me to be a part of it, I'm there.” She lives in St. Louis, so I figured it's probably going to be in St. Louis. She says, “It's going to be in Dubai.” I was like – You know what I just did? I’m always ready to go there. When we went, it was first-class all the way.

[0:39:11.6] KM: What did you speak about?

[0:39:13.5] AB: I talked about – everybody that was there talked about with their niche was. Mine was your life movie, because I believe that everybody, like we said has some movie. I've talked about start incorporating the things in your life, make sure they're what you want, because we have a lot of people who have stuff in their life and they're not happy. They're complaining. If it's not working, get rid of it.

[0:39:40.9] KM: Fire him off your set.

[0:39:42.9] AB: Yes.

[0:39:45.6] KM: You gave that seminar. How long did you speak for?

[0:39:47.8] AB: I think it was 20 minutes, but the wonderful thing about it, the people that were there, we had an opportunity to network with each other. These are people that are millionaires. They're from they were from all different parts of the world, but we were able to bond and share strategies on how they get to that point and the lifestyle. I'd say, just being in that environment and the people their calling you madam, “Madam, would you like some more cream in your coffee?” I’m like, “Yes.” It was like, “You just feel wealthy being around.” I mean, even going into the buildings, you would smell perfume because you're in the middle of the desert, people are going to sweat, so they pipe fragrance through the air conditioned system. You smell like, “What is that perfume I'm smelling?” It's the aroma coming through the air conditioning. When you go on their subway, when you take a subway, you think of New York, dirty. The marble floor is spotless.

[0:41:04.1] KM: In the subway.

[0:41:04.9] AB: In the subway. No trash, clean, beautiful. It's like a little heaven.

[0:41:15.0] KM: You are all speaking the same language, because you're all just human-to-human each other over there talking. It doesn't matter what your socio-economics are. It's just all human to human. I want to take a quick break to tell everybody you're listening to Up In your Business with me, Kerry McCoy and I'm speaking today with Miss Arnessa Bennett, entrepreneur, life coach and motivational speaker. I saw on your website. Well, I saw on your website a lot about your Instagram. What is your Instagram? How do people get in touch with you?

[0:41:43.0] AB: ArnessaBennett on Instagram and also, TheSouthernHeiress.

[0:41:47.7] KM: The Southern Heiress. We’ll put all that information on Arkansas Flag and Banner too.

[0:41:52.5] AB: Thank you.

[0:41:53.2] KM: You are so welcome. I couldn't see how to sign up for any of your seminars.

[0:41:59.1] AB: Oh, I do the one-on-one is – one-on-one, I think on the website is one-on-one coaching.

[0:42:07.0] KM: Yeah, is there a way to get in touch with you on the website?

[0:42:10.0] AB: Every page has a telephone number.

[0:42:12.7] KM: Oh, well I am dyslexic. I guess I missed that. I'm so busy reading about you. I guess I missed that part. It's all on your website, which is Arnessa Bennett.

[0:42:22.4] AB: Just Arnessa Bennett.

[0:42:23.7] KM: With two Ts for Bennett.

[0:42:25.1] AB: No. It’s not even Bennett. It’s just arnessa.com. A-R-N-E-S-S-A.com.

[0:42:31.6] KM: That is priceless.

[0:42:33.0] AB: Yes.

[0:42:34.1] KM: That’s really good. That’s, because you're a star of your own show.

[0:42:36.0] AB: Oh, thank you. Of my own show.

[0:42:37.8] KM: Own movie. You are launching a new pet podcast talk show, Your Life Movie with Arnessa Bennett on a YouTube channel. Tell me about that.

[0:42:49.3] AB: Well, it's going to be a podcast and what I'm going to do is let people tell their stories. They're going to tell things that happen that brought them to where they are now. Just like I did when I was doing the show.

[0:43:04.6] KM: I want to do a TV show with you.

[0:43:06.6] AB: I would love that.

[0:43:07.6] KM: I think should be Arnessa and Kerry.

[0:43:10.3] AB: Oh, it could be Kerry and Arnessa, I don't care.

[0:43:12.2] KM: I don’t care. I think that would be fun, because you and I have a lot of the same –

[0:43:17.3] AB: We do. We have energy.

[0:43:18.5] KM: We’re like kindred souls together. Everything you say, I'm over here – people can't see it, but I'm like going to show on Facebook. I'm over here going, “Yes, yes.”

[0:43:25.3] AB: I would love that.

[0:43:27.0] KM: I would too. I'm going to watch your YouTube, Your Life Movie with Arnessa Bennett. It’s hard to get a YouTube channel.

[0:43:36.4] AB: It’s not hard. It’s very easy.

[0:43:37.6] KM: Okay.

[0:43:38.6] AB: Okay. YouTube is going to be more like workshop-ish, where I'll give them some information and what they can do is work on themselves. A lot of times women, they do the one-on-one coaching. There's things they want to change. 'm going to be giving little tips and then they could change some things. It would be –

[0:44:03.8] KM: Hey Tim, what's that you call when you can talk to the people on YouTube?

[0:44:08.7] TB: Oh, do you mean the super chats?

[0:44:10.1] KM: You're going to do super chats?

[0:44:12.0] AB: I don't know, but –

[0:44:12.9] KM: Tell us what super chats are.

[0:44:15.6] TB: If you have a certain amount of subscribers and watch hours, essentially people can pay to have the live chat. They'll have a box around and –

[0:44:26.0] AB: I’ve seen that.

[0:44:27.2] KM: They can talk straight to you during your teaching.

[0:44:30.9] AB: Oh. Well, I have to find out more about that.

[0:44:33.7] KM: You've got to have a certain number of subscribers and that's what I feel like it's hard to get on YouTube is you've got to get – but you've got a lot of – go ahead.

[0:44:39.9] AB: Well, what I was thinking once I do this, this is going to give them idea of some of the coaching. Then maybe later on I can have something like a webinar, where I can have someone – I could talk to them and they can sign up for it. I think once I get it out there, so they can see some of the things that I do that's going to help.

[0:45:04.3] KM: Yeah, you just got to be everywhere now.

[0:45:06.0] AB: Yeah, you really do.

[0:45:06.9] KM: You really do. You've got a lot of followers on Instagram.

[0:45:09.8] AB: Yeah, and Facebook.

[0:45:11.6] KM: Adrienne follows you. The girl that works in our showroom. She loves you. Yes. What's your next seminar? When is it? Or do you have it planned yet?

[0:45:20.9] AB: I don't even have it planned yet. I have some trips that are planned, but right now I'm in the process of regrouping and retooling some things.

[0:45:30.5] KM: If somebody wanted to hire you to come in and talk as a keynote speaker, or just do a seminar for a trade show, how would they get in touch with you?

[0:45:45.0] AB: They can call me at 501-993-2567. Or they can go to my website arnessa.com and then they have a little part where they can get in touch with me.

[0:45:59.8] KM: They can just hire you to come in there and be a motivational speaker for you. I wonder why you're not afraid to get up and speak in front of people like that.

[0:46:06.6] AB: Well, you know what? When I was a little kid, I was. I can remember Sunday school and when you have to get up and say how much the class has collected that morning, I would be petrified. Someone saw something in me and they made me keep doing it and keep doing it and I got better and better. Then I think I found my confidence. I think a lot of times, we have to do things until our confidence comes up.

[0:46:37.4] KM: That's a lot of what life coaching is, it's just giving people the confidence that they need. If you could tell our listeners one thing, what would it be?

[0:46:48.0] AB: Write things down, make lists. Each day, have a list the things are intentional that you want to do. If you don't get finished that day, you'll have the rest of that week. I think a lot of people, the first thing I do once I decide I'm going to coach you, I ask you do you have a planner? It could be a day planner, it could just be a journal, but you have to write things down.

[0:47:15.1] KM: You ask them if they're ready to do the work.

[0:47:17.2] AB: If they’re ready to do the work.

[0:47:18.4] KM: You say most people say no.

[0:47:20.3] AB: Well, it's just like this, a lot of people say, “I want to get married,” but when you start explaining things to them, it's not just a wedding. I think a lot of people when they think of marriage, “Oh, we're going to have this wedding.” They could be so detailed about the wedding, but marriage is a totally different thing than a marriage, I mean, than a wedding.

[0:47:44.8] KM: Yes. That's when you get into you didn't really want to do the work. Who do you think influenced you the most? Inspired you the most?

[0:47:53.3] AB: Well, when I was a little girl and I watched TV, there's a lady named Diane Carol. She had a show called Julia. When I saw that TV show at age, I think it was seven or eight, something just awakened in me. I was like, “She is so beautiful. When I grow up, I'm going to wear makeup. I'm going to have my hair done and I'm going to live in this apartment.”

I ended up having a little boy. She had a little boy. It’s like, that person and even through the years I followed her career, it's like I wanted to be that glam lady. Some people want to be sexy. I'm more of the glam. I like the glam and the classic, elegant. Those are the things I like.

[0:48:45.1] KM: What do you want your legacy to be?

[0:48:47.2] AB: I want my legacy to be that I was always trying to help people be their best as far as personal development and business. I was always there to share information that I learned. When I learn something, I want to share it and that's the way I've always been. My cousins tell me, “You always motivate us. You're always sharing.” I would say, “Look girl, they had to write.” I will not talk, because I was always talking.

[0:49:18.7] KM: How many times do you have to write? I will not talk.

[0:49:21.2] AB: Hundreds and hundreds of times.

[0:49:23.3] KM: Give me one word to sum you up.

[0:49:26.0] AB: Enthusiastic.

[0:49:27.6] KM: You are and glamorous. You are glamorous.

[0:49:29.5] AB: Thank you.

[0:49:31.0] KM: Thank you so much for coming on, Arnessa. I have really enjoyed talking to you.

[0:49:33.1] AB: Thank you for asking me.

[0:49:35.2] KM: You’re welcome. I have a gift for you. It’s something that Tim got. I love you Tim.

[0:49:39.6] AB: I love this.

[0:49:41.3] KM: I bet it’s something you don’t have. If I had a flag of Dubai at the office, I would’ve put it in here. There's your desk set, your house –

[0:49:48.6] AB: Yes, I need this.

[0:49:49.7] KM: Yes, US and Arkansas. It's a desk set.

[0:49:51.5] AB: I love it.

[0:49:52.6] KM: I wish I had a – I can't believe we don't have a small desk set of Dubai, really and truly.

[0:49:57.5] TB: I’ll look into that.

[0:49:58.7] AB: Well, I will be going back. That’s the thing I’ve had there. I was there for 10 days and it was spectacular. Well, I felt like this; they made me feel how I know I'm supposed to be treated.

[0:50:14.5] KM: That’s nice.

[0:50:15.3] AB: I definitely will be going back.

[0:50:17.4] KM: Do you believe in dreams?

[0:50:18.9] AB: Oh, yes. A lot of my dreams have come true. A lot.

[0:50:22.7] KM: I'm talking about sleeping dreams. Are you talking about daytime dreams, or sleeping dreams?

[0:50:27.3] AB: I have dreams and I dream in color. A lot of people don't. When I dream, I dream in color. I can smell, I can taste, it's like real life. My mother, it just always trip her out when I would tell her about my dream. She's like, “You did all that in your dreams?”

[0:50:45.0] KM: Do you keep a dream journal?

[0:50:46.4] AB: No.

[0:50:46.9] KM: Do you tell your people to? No?

[0:50:51.6] AB: No. This is something that that's what they're wanting to do, because usually what I do when I coach I ask them, what is it that you want to achieve? They tell me what they want to achieve and then we strategically put things in place that they have to do. That's why I say, you have to be ready to do the work, because when I start telling them in order for you to do this, you need to do this, this, this and this, some people would do it, some will not.

[0:51:19.4] KM: I've never known a life coach to have a life coach. You have a life coach.

[0:51:22.4] AB: Oh, yes. Well, I have several life coaches on different areas. I have a spiritual life coach and then I have a business life coach.

[0:51:30.7] KM: I think I need a life coach. Will you be my life coach?

[0:51:33.1] AB: I sure will.

[0:51:34.0] KM: I really do think I need one. Of course, all my employees are my life coaches. They tell me everything I should and shouldn’t be doing, don’t you Tim?

[0:51:44.1] TB: Some of us. Some of us do.

[0:51:45.2] AB: It was to help you achieve your goal.

[0:51:46.9] KM: Yeah, they do actually. They really do. They hold me very accountable. Who's my guest next week?

[0:51:52.0] TB: Next week is going to be one I'm excited about. I don't know if you know this about me Kerry, but I have a passion for outlaw, old-school country and this guy played with Waylon and Willie & the Boys. This is going to be Beau Renfro.

[0:52:07.8] KM: Beau Renfro.

[0:52:09.3] TB: Yes.

[0:52:10.7] KM: He is a rockabilly. I didn't know that about you. I thought you liked that –

[0:52:16.5] TB: My big musical passion is Korean pop music, but I do love outlaw old-school country a lot.

[0:52:22.0] KM: You're going to like him. He's in the Arkansas Music Hall of Fame. He's retired to Heber Springs and he's now driving a bus for the great school, or junior high up there.

[0:52:30.6] AB: Oh, wow.

[0:52:31.0] KM: I know. He's a character. He's a real character. I'm excited to have him on too. If you have a great entrepreneurial story you would like to share, I would love to hear from you. Send a brief bio and your contact info to –

[0:52:43.8] TB: Questions@upyourbusiness.org.

[0:52:47.0] KM: Finally to our listeners, thank you for spending time with me. If you think this program has been about you, you're right, but it's also been for me. Thank you for letting me fulfill my destiny. My hope today is that you've heard or learned something that's been inspiring or enlightening and that it whatever it is, will help you up your business, your independence, or your life. I'm Kerry McCoy and I'll see you next time on Up In your Business. Until then, be brave and keep it up.


[0:53:19.0] TB: You’ve been listening to Up in Your Business with Kerry McCoy, a production of flagandbanner.com. If you’d like to hear this program again, next week a podcast will be made available online with links to resources you heard discussed on this show.

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