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Hilary Downey and Bridget Shinn of Balance by Hilary

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Listen to Learn:

  • How learning macros changed Hilary's life
  • The major life event that opened her up to changing her lifestyle
  • The health scare that brought Bridget around to asking for help
  • How you can join and be a part of the "Balanced Babes" lifestyle

Scroll down for a transcript of the show

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Hilary Downey and Bridget Shinn

Hilary Downey is the founder and owner of Hilary Balanced Lifestyle. Bridget Shinn is not only Hilary's mom, but also her business partner, and the leader of the Balanced Babes community. Together they offer an online program for women to lose weight eating the foods they love. 

They are currently open to giving presentations to businesses, clubs, etc. both in person and online.

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Balance by Hilary

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People Magazine: Mom Drops 100 Lbs. After Daughter Teaches Her to Count Macros: 'She Knows What She's Talking About!' 

MSN: Daughter knows best: Woman loses 100 pounds and inspires her mom to do the same

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