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Spring Is In The Air!| A Janet Carson & Chris Olsen Compilation

     Listen to Learn:

  • When you should prune your trees and shrubs
  • How to "Jhemajang"
  • How to take care of your Crepe Myrtles
  • The Process Chris Olsen uses to design a yard

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Springtime in the Natural State means gardening is growing in popularity! Small gardens in backyards to big ones in community spaces, and every size in between. Janet Carson and Chris Olsen share tips and encouragement for everyone in this show. Whether you're planting fruits and vegetables or flowers in your garden, you’ll get great advice from these two professionals. 

Janet B. Carson began and ended her career as a University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension horticulture specialist and the coordinator of the Arkansas Master Gardener program. She wrote a weekly gardening column that ran in newspapers and magazines, hosted radio talk shows and appeared in multiple TV guest shots. Carson is well known and loved by gardeners all across Arkansas for her knowledge and her encouragement to gardeners of all skill levels.

The Master Gardener program is a 40 hour class the requires 40 hours of volunteer work the first year, and 20 hours a year thereafter. The most visible contributions of the MG programs are the landscape projects maintained by the volunteers on public property. Many of the gardens around public buildings, the State Capital, the Governor’s Mansion and county courthouses are maintained by Master Gardeners.

Carson retired at the end of 2018. 

Originally from Connecticut, Landscape Designer Chris Olsen’s family moved to Little Rock where he spent a few years before moving to San Diego, then back to Arkansas in 1992.

Olsen attended Oxford University in England, studying landscape architecture, landscape principals, and philosophy and also graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in business. Chris has over 25 years of landscape architecture and interior design experience. In partnership with his father, Chris obtained a landscape maintenance company called Doramus and established the Horticare Landscape Company. After only ten years, the company grew into five divisions: chemical, maintenance, landscape, nursery, and irrigation.

In 2003, Chris opened his second home and garden store called Botanica Gardens on Rebsamen Park Road. Olsen bought the Edgemont House in June of 2016 and after extensive renovations, lives there and operates it as an event center.

Chris’ design works have been featured in several of the Symphony Design Houses, At Home in Arkansas, The Arkansas Times, AY Magazine, Health and Living, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Real Living Magazine, Soirée, Inviting Arkansas, the Abode Magazine, Southern Living Magazine, and several times in Better Homes and Gardens. 

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