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Chris and Samantha Tanner, Restaurant Owners and Entrepreneurs 

Listen to Learn:

  • How the idea of a downtown Little Rock restaurant was hatched in Mexico
  • The fears that surround starting a new restaurant
  • Surviving the pandemic in the restaurant business
  • The effect of the 2021 snowstorm on Samantha’s

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Chris and Samantha Tanner are the owners/operators of three successful Little Rock restaurants: Samantha’s Tap Room, Cheers Restaurant, and The Oyster Bar. Before running a restaurant, Chris earned a degree in aviation. Flying planes turned to be expensive so the husband and wife team turned to catering to rake in some cash. This new found hobby quickly turned into a full-time gig when they won a bid on a little small restaurant on North Van Buren Street in Little Rock, Arkansas and Cheers was born. This duo continued to expand their culinary business in the form of two other restaurants, Samantha's and The Oyster Bar. 

Chris and Samantha Tanner not only have culinary talent, but an amazing philanthropic heart as well. They, along with Devin Miller, founded the Heart of a Nurse Scholarship in honor of Charley Tanner. They have helped in giving several people the opportunity to make it through nursing school and pursue their dreams.

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