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Mayor of Little Rock, Frank Scott, Jr.

Mayor Frank Scott

Listen to Learn:

  • What did Mayor Scott do before he was mayor?
  • Why did Mayor Scott want to become mayor?
  • What is Rebuild The Rock and should Little Rock residents vote for it?

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    Mayor Frank Scott, Jr. is the son of a firefighter and a mother who had his older sister as a high school freshman. Frank Scott Jr. often reminds voters that he was “born, raised and still resides in Southwest Little Rock.” Scott believes he could be "dead, in jail or not on the right path," like some of the people he grew up with, if it wasn't for the opportunities he's had.

    Scott credits his mother, Brenda, for making sure he got the most of his educational opportunities. He remembers her waking at 4 a.m. to wait in line to apply for him to attend Horace Mann, then a magnet junior high, and later making sure that he applied to attend Parkview Arts and Sciences Magnet High School where he played tight end and defensive end in football and studied modern dance and ballet in junior high and high school.

    Scott's first political experience came from volunteering for Tennessee legislator Lois DeBerry's campaign while a student at the University of Memphis. After graduating, his job as a Target distribution manager had him working nights and weekends, so when looking for things to do during the day, he got involved with another political campaign -- former Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe's in 2006.

    Morril Harriman, who headed Beebe's transition team when he got elected and served as his chief of staff, said Scott was one of the first people he hired in the administration. Though Scott was in his twenties and didn't have a background working in government, Harriman said he got "this impression of a young man who wanted to learn, who wanted to be committed, who wanted to make a difference."

    A banker, pastor, former state Highway Commissioner and former senior policy adviser to Gov. Mike Beebe, Scott, at 34, is Little Rock’s youngest Mayor.

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