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Revisiting with Maxi Dominguez 

Listen to the 3/2/18 podcast to learn:
  • How his business has grown since we spoke to him last 
  • How he deals with the challenges of being your own boss
  • The changes and commercialism in social media for small business 
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Maxi Dominguez appeared on our December 9, 2016 show and discussed developing and building a fledgling startup business in today's marketplace. 

Raiz Apparel was described as a self-started project mixed with hard work and entrepreneur mindset.

Dominguez has utilized the internet and edgy photography aimed at a specific demographic as a selling and marketing platform for their clothing line with a website hosted by Square Space, along with Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube and other online media accounts. 

Raiz Apparel on Facebook

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