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Special Dancing Into Dreamland Compilation

Ryk St Vincent and Poolboy

Listen to Learn:

  • How many films and documentaries Ryk has been in.
  • What Ryk does when he's not on stage.
  • How Poolboy got his namesake and radio personality.
  • How to create a successful morning show.
  • About the Dancing Into Dreamland event.

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The time has finally arrived for 2019’s Dancing Into Dreamland Tournament of Champions event. It’s like birthing a baby with a scheduled C-section. It begins with the act of picking the event night followed by nine months of preparation. It all culminates this Friday night, November 15, atop the Taborian Hall, aka home of Arkansas Flag and Banner.

In honor of this event, Up In Your Business will be playing a Special Dancing Into Dreamland Compilation of Alice 107.7’s Poolboy, who will MC the event, and Ryk St Vincent, performer and board member of the Friends of Dreamland Ballroom.

Along with talking about their respective lives and careers, each guest talks about the Dreamland Ballroom, too. Friend of the show and long time, local radio personality Tom Wood has done a great job of editing and choosing the “best of” these interviews for today’s airing.

Listen to learn about these two local celebrities, about Dreamland Ballroom and its (open to the public!) Dancing Into Dreamland event this week, and to give Tom Wood’s editing skills a grade.

Ryk St. Vincent, Rychy to some, has been in entertainment since the age of 10 with puppets he made and took to school to give shows in the fifth grade.

Since then Rychy has broadcast on 17 radio stations in 11 different cities across the United States. You can find his name on at least 12 movies, like "A Time to Kill", "Top Cop", "God's Not Dead 2" and "Faith" as well as TV commercials, theatre programs, and in the cast of several documentaries. Ryk is also a talented Jazz musician and performs regularly in the Little Rock area.

Not only is Ryk a performing artist and entertainer but he is also a talented woodworker and hand makes cabinetry and artistic storage solutions. This multi-talented modern "Renaissance Man" will talk about many aspects of his career and building a business around your creative pursuits with Kerry and her call in audience.

Poolboy is a graduate of Little Rock’s Catholic High and the University of Arkansas. Poolboy has been a part of mornings on Alice 107.7 since 2005.

Poolboy said, “My alarm goes off at 3:20 I get to the radio station at 4:15, then I plan for the day’s show. At 6:00, the ‘Heather and Poolboy’ show begins, and we go from there. Most people listen for about 10 to 15 minutes during their commute. My job is to make you laugh and get listeners into a good mood for work.”

He has been a Little Rock ‘celebrity’ since he was just an intern on Alice 107.7 where he earned the nickname Poolboy. His life has played out on the air since then, going from being a single guy against marriage and children to married with a young son.

Co-host Heather Brown said, “He is a hard worker and a busy bee. He is always running to the next gig. He always has something he is doing on the side, whether it’s a project or fundraiser.”

November 15th, Poolboy will M.C. the 10th Annual Dancing into Dreamland fundraiser.

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