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Stephen Wirges of Steinway Piano Gallery Little Rock, LLC.

Listen to Learn:

  • Importance of Apprenticeship
  • What "Voicing" a piano means
  • Why tuning to A440 is important
  • The difference between a Steinway gallery and dealer
  • How antique player pianos work vs modern ones
  • A Steinway's resale value

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Stephen Wirges is a piano tuner, technician, and owner of Steinway Piano Gallery Little Rock, LLC. He tunes for numerous private individuals, churches, schools, studios, piano teachers, professional pianists, and performing art centers. “I’ve been working on pianos for about eighteen years and I started as an apprentice and did about an eight-year apprenticeship and started a service company where I just service pianos, tune pianos, rebuilt pianos,” Wirges said.
He has been the exclusive technician for the music department at the University of Central Arkansas since 2015, for the University of Arkansas at Little Rock since 2014, and the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra since 2012.
After serving area universities and the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, he trained at the Steinway factory in New York. “Steinway approached me and asked me if I wanted to partner with them and open a Steinway Gallery for Arkansas, and it was overwhelming to be able to have that opportunity, so I couldn’t say no to that. I definitely just wanted to do it,” Wirges said.
“There’s about 60 Steinway Galleries across the entire world. There’s only 200 dealers,” Wirges said.

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