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Susan McDougal, The Woman Who Wouldn't Talk

Listen to Learn:

  • How she became the center of attention during the Whitewater Investigation
  • Her whirlwind marriage with Jim McDougal
  • Her extraordinary life before the media-frenzy
  • Her life changing experience in 7 different women's jails

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     Part 1 | Susan McDougal: The Woman Who Wouldn't Talk·                                                           Part 2 | Susan McDougal: The Woman Who Wouldn't Talk

    Born in Heidelberg, West Germany, Susan McDougal is known as ‘The Woman Who Wouldn’t Talk’ (also the name of her book). She and her ex-husband were part of the Whitewater prosecution during the Clinton Presidency. She went to prison on contempt charges for refusing to answer questions for a grand jury. President Clinton pardoned her during the final hours that he was in office. In the 90s, Susan worked as an assistant to actress Nancy Kovack who accused her of embezzlement. McDougal was acquitted on all charges relating to that incident and won a lawsuit against Kovack for malicious prosecution.

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