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Up In Your Business Home PageAbout Kerry McCoy

Wilson Kanaday interviews host Kerry McCoy  

Listen to the 3/9/18 podcast to learn:
  • What prompted Kerry to start her business 40+ years ago 
  • How she deals with the challenges faced by business owners
  • The changes and growing pains of a business 
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This week the tables are turned on Up in Your Business when Wilson Kanaday interviews host Kerry McCoy!

Wilson Kanaday has been a good friend of Arkansas Flag & Banner for nearly a decade. He and Kerry McCoy became friends through Wilson's various roles working with the ecommerce team at FlagAndBanner.com. Wilson is passionate about the American Dream and loves hearing and telling the stories of people who have lived it. So, naturally Wilson and Kerry formed a bond.

Wilson cut his teeth on Internet Marketing and Technology during his two-year tenure at Stephens Inc. where he worked in Equity Research and Sales & Trading with a focus on the Digital Media industry. Since leaving Stephens, Wilson has worked with companies ranging from Dillard's, WESCO/Carlton Bates, Pandora Jewelry and the WWE along with numerous other small businesses to help them make more money through their websites. 

Wilson happily lives in Prairie County with his big family where he thoroughly enjoys himself working in Excel spreadsheets and analyzing data to help businesses make more money. Before coming to Little Rock in 2002 he graduated from Hillsdale College, in Michigan, with Honors in Finance.

Up In Your Business is a Radio Show by FlagandBanner.com

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