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Up In Your Business Home PageAbout Kerry McCoy

Jean Paul Francoeur President of JP Fitness

April 21, 2017

Jean-Paul Francoeur: Jean-Paul built a thriving personal-training business and owned a high-end heath club called JP Fitness for 16 years before he sold it in 2008. He was the “Golf Performance and Functional Training Specialist” at Alotian Golf Club several years and now is a certified ARPwave therapist helping people with injuries and chronic pain get back to living life to the fullest. Clients range from professional athletes from all over the country who fly in just for his specialized method, to senior citizens struggling with chronic pain or arthritis, to weekend warriors who tweak something. He also still maintains a small personal training clientele. 

History: Jean-Paul has been training athletes and people from all walks of life for over 30 years. He has been featured in Parade Magazine twice, as well as in USA Today. As a freelance writer, he's been published in Men's Health, Best Life, and numerous strength-focused magazines and websites.He was a top fitness advisor to former Governor, Mike Huckabee during the governor’s well-publicized weight loss (garnering an acknowledgement in his best-seller, Stop Digging Your Grave with a Knife and Fork), and served as chairman of the Arkansas Governor's Council on Fitness for nearly eight years, as well as sitting on over a half-a-dozen other boards and committees (local, statewide, and national) dedicated to improving public health.

Training Philosophy: JP’s philosophy and training style are based on training the body for “random acts of fitness,” teaching reactive and functional strength in all planes of movement using unconventional, ground-based exercises. It is this wonderful culmination of knowledge and experiences that sets Francoeur apart from others in the industry, and continues to promote the growth of his business as one of the top fitness authorities in Arkansas and beyond.

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