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Up In Your Business Home PageAbout Kerry McCoy

Kerry talked with Sami Lal, owner and chef of Star of India restaurant


No automatic alt text available.Listen to this week's podcast to find out:

  • How Sami remembers everyone's name
  • The depth of his devotion to his family, his business, and his faith
  • The secret health benefits of turmeric and Indian food


Kerry McCoy says about Up In Your Business: “I absolutely love this show for its diversity in guests. Last week we interviewed the retired 4-Star General Wesley Clark and today our interview is with Sami Lal, the friendly and well-known owner of the Star of India Restaurant in West Little Rock Ark. The dichotomy of these two-successful people living the American dream is a perfect example of how alike and connected we all are to each other. This realization makes it easy to treat people the way you would like to be treated and makes the job of being a responsible employer or employee easier. “

Restauranteur Sami Lal, is innately aware of this human connection as evidenced by the way he speaks and treats everyone, that comes into his establishment. Sami was born in India north of Punjab, near the famed Golden Temple. He started in the restaurant business in 1973 as a supervisor of a continental cuisine restaurant in West Germany. Eventually, Sami landed in Dallas Texas where he lived and worked for several years. He then moved to Little Rock and founded the Star of India, an unassuming restaurant known for its fragrant spices, above average service and Sami’s unwavering hospitality and love of life and people.

Tune in this week to hear Sami tell us first-hand about growing up in India and how he came to America, prayed, worked hard, saved and fulfilled his American Dream by founding The Star of India restaurant, 301 N Shackleford Rd, Little Rock, AR. Today you’ll enjoy a mouth-watering conversation while Sami talks about his healthy spices, menu, family recipes and favorite dishes. By Sami’s request, today’s show was pre-recorded. As you will hear, Sami is never away from work at his beloved restaurant The Star of India.

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