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FlagandBanner.com has been a leader in the custom flag, custom banner, and custom decoration business since 1975! We hvae serviced the custom flag needs of countless families, businesses, governments, and organizations and have assembled a small snapshot of the work we've completed over the years. If you have any questions or want to get a Free Quote for your custom job, call us at (800) 445-0653 or email us at sales@flagandbanner.com.

Collegiate, NCAA, Sports
Now here's an industry that uses every technique available. Schools use flags and banners to promote teams, inform fans, and intimidate competitors. We work with customers all over the United States to create exciting college banners, reunion banners, stadium decorations, school flags, NCAA college banners, championship banners, vinyl adhesive banners and street pole banners. We can even do logo decals and fleet graphics.


A great way to brand and draw attention to a corporate site: custom flags and custom printed banners. Our custom made flags are available in a wide variety of materials and can be produced in a number of processes. Visit our Custom Design section to learn more!


A custom artistic banner can speak without using words. Adding color and motion to any area, a custom made banner from our skilled artisans can help you give new life and atmosphere to an otherwise dull space. Call today to discuss a custom banner for your business, organization or art installation.


Now here's an industry that uses every technique available. Educators use school flags and school banners to promote teams, inform public of events, and recognize achievements. We work with customers all over the United States to create exciting event fund raising banners, reunion banners, stadium decorations, educational material providers table banners, school flags, college team banners, school team decals, championship banners, vinyl adhesive banners and street pole banners. We can even do logo decals and fleet graphics.


If you are having an event, then you need a banner: a special event banner, sporting event banner, or an advertising custom banner? Banners are the ideal media for temporary events. Theaters use banners as an inexpensive means to advertise their current showings in beautiful full-color. And banners are great for fairs and festivals. Banners are the best choice for way-finding and advertising. Check out some of the creative ideas below for your next event.


Family/Family Events
Planning a family reunion or family event? Family gatherings include everything from mom and dad's 25th wedding anniversary to the reunion in Indianapolis. FlagandBanner.com produces custom banners, family crest flags, decals and more for every occasion. We use digital, appliqué and screen-printing techniques to produce long-lasting and affordable family heirlooms, which you can give to each family member as a family reunion favor or anniversary gift for Mom and Dad.



Fleet Graphics
What's so significant about Fleet Graphics? This method for outdoor advertising has the ability to reach consumers repeatedly. And, repetition is what's needed to create awareness for your product and your company. Give them your phone number, your web site address or introduce them to your product line. Contact us today for a free quote to see how we can incorporate car and truck decals and graphics into your advertising mix.



Government, Military
Flag and Banner is a trusted source for military Insignia flags, military guidons, government flags and banners. If you're looking for military Insignia flags and pennants, you've come to the right place. We can create custom flags and banners on time and within budget; we can even meet a tight deadline with unrivaled quality and customer service.


FlagandBanner.com has worked with many cities, municipalities and public places to beautify their communities with municipal street signs, custom city street banners, and city tourism signs. A main tool of urban renewal is to welcome citizens back to the cities using street banners and helpful signage. We can create one or hundreds of flags and banners using digital printing on vinyl or even customize stock banners - a quick and inexpensive alternative to starting from scratch. We can help with custom hanging hardware as well. Take a look below at a few projects FlagandBanner.com has completed to help make our cities a more beautiful place to live.


Museums, Non-Profits
Flag Banner is your provider of custom exhibit banners and museum banners. We unite size, shape, color and texture to bring about an engaging, informative piece to attract a multitude of patrons.


Flag and Banner's custom pennants are perfect for beautifying your event or adding some seasonal cheer! Call us at 1-800-445-0653 today for custom pricing. If you don't want to start from scratch, all stock banners can be customized to fit your design needs. Ask about different shapes, sizes, colors, and text. The options are endless. To see our complete line of string and single pennants visit our Pennants page. Felt pennants are not available, however we do have applique, embroidered, or printed nylon for your next college, sports, or awards event.




Looking for a church banner or a custom church sign? For church banner design, look to Flag and Banner. FlagandBanner.com has been privileged to create some of our most beautiful work for churches and religious groups. Most of these designs are appliquéd by hand by our skilled seamstresses. Look below to see how the right banner can reinforce your message, add an appealing visual element to your sanctuary, or bring attention to the exterior of your facilities.


Retail, Malls, Stores
Retail banners go everywhere: parking lots, an atrium, food courts, in stores and on roof tops! FlagandBanner.com has worked with fabulous designers to produce amazing results from canvas to vinyl to mesh. Our custom retail banners include retail sales signs, digital murals, street pole banners, way-finding signs, point-of-purchase banners, table banners, indoor signage, bunting, and so much more. Fabric art at it's finest.


Street Pole Banners
Our street pole banner designs, sometimes referred to as boulevard banners, avenue banners, or light pole banners, are printed on both sides of a vinyl banner fabric. This fabric is flame retardant, mildew and water resistant. Its superior strength-to-weight ratio plus over 30 exciting colors makes this one of the best banner fabrics on the market today. We produce these stock designs in three standard sizes: 18" x 36", 30" x 60" and 30" x 96". See our selection of stock light pole banners and street pole hardware. We will customize your message at no additional cost. We can also customize your street pole package to include "street spanners" - banners that span from one street pole across the street to the next street pole. And, to make sure your banners are truly unique, you can change the fabric, ink color combination, cut as well as message. Below are just a few ideas to help get you started. We're standing by ready to help you (and your streets!) look smart.


Scrim/Window Banners
Window banners and removable window signs are an application of digital ink on an amazing material (Scrim) that allows images to be seen on one side but are transparent on the other (see "outside view" and "inside view" examples at bottom of page). Our custom window signs easily adheres and removes from glass to feature your most current promotions.




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