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American Flag Etiquette - Learn how an American flag should be handled and displayed.

How to Fold an American Flag - The proper way (with pictures) to fold a U.S. Flag and the meanings of each fold.

How to arrange military flags for presentation (YouTube Video) - In this video we discuss and show the correct order one should place the military flags for display or a background presentation.

How to fly a house mounted pole at half staff (YouTube Video) - Showing your respect with a mourning streamer. Also can be applied to indoor presentation poles.

How to attach a mourning bow (YouTube Video) - How to use a mourning bow on a house mounted pole.

Boating Flag Etiquette - Learn traditions and etiquette for boats and yachts.

Calendar of Events and Holidays - Learn which holidays are coming up.

What do the folds mean? - Learn how to fold the American Flag and what each fold means.

Is the flag at half staff? - Find out the status of the American flag and Arkansas flags.

Is it called Half Staff or Half Mast? - The answer may surprise you.

When Should I Fly the American Flag? - What holidays should be half-staff and more.

What Size Flag Should I Use? - Learn what size flag is best for your pole height.

How long will a flag last? - Information on how to properly care for a flag to make it last.

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