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Can I get my flag repaired?

Repairing your flag is another way of lengthening the life of your flag. The most common repair is to re-hem the fly end. The fly end is the free flying end of a flag, usually opposite the heading. Just cut the tattered end off and re-hem it. Your Flag will be a little shorter, but no less proud. And if you are not the best seamstress, send it to FlagandBanner.com.

Repairing the fly end is not recommended for flags whose color has faded.  In the case of a faded flag it is better to buy a new one. See below for our list of flag repair pricing.

Flag Repair Pricing

FlagandBanner.com can repair your flags for the pricing in the table below. This is for nylon flag materials and some polyesters. Different materials or styles of flags may require additional costs. For questions on pricing call FlagandBanner.com at 1-800-445-0653 or e-mail us at sales@FlagandBanner.com.

Size in Feet Nylon Repair Price Tough-Tex Repair Price
3 x 5 $30.98 $34.40
4 x 6 $48.52 $52.28
5 x 8 $64.65 $73.47
6 x 10 $86.24 $90.47
8 x 12 $121.24 $131.47
10 x 15 $137.38 $149.38
10 x 19 $152.48 $160.47
12 x 18 $160.98 $173.47
15 x 25 $174.60 $180.60
20 x 30 $225.81 $231.47
20 x 38 $240.50 $250.50
30 x 50 $272.71 $292.71
30 x 60 $276.98 $299.75
40 x 70 $304.28 $314.87

Flag Retirement

Part of our “service after the sale” here at Flagandbanner.com is our FREE flag retirement services.
If our flag repair services are not an option for your flag, and you wish to have it properly retired and disposed of by United States Flag Code, send it to us by mail or bring it by our showroom in person.
Flag and Banner
Attn: Flag Repair/Disposal
800 West Ninth Street
Little Rock, AR 72201
When you send your flag to us be sure your return address is clearly on the packaging so we can mail your $5 discount coupon to use on the purchase of your new flag.
Reasons to retire your flag with FlagandBanner.com:
  • Flag retirement is FREE
  • You will receive a $5 discount on your new US flag when you send us your old one
  •  Your flag may be retired during Flag Day celebrations here at our building in downtown Little Rock, Arkansas or it may be retired by a local VFW or Boy Scout Troup.
  • The ceremony is free each year and open to the public to attend
 Learn more about Flag Etiquette here or visit our U.S. Flag Code page.
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