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There are 21 countries that are grouped as Latin America. The flags for these countries are featured below along with some South America, Caribbean, and territories that often fall into the Latin American category as well.

North and Central America

* Denotes countries have a government standard flag and a civil flag for public use.

Argentina National Flag Bolivia Government Flag
Argentina* Belize Bolivia*
Brazil Flag Chile Flag Colombia Flag
Brazil Chile Colombia
Costa Rica Ecuador Flags El Salvador Flags
Costa Rica Ecuador* El Salvador*
France Flag Guatemala Flag Guyana Flag
French Guiana
(département of France)
Guatemala* Guyana
Honduras Flag Mexico Flag Nicaragua Flag
Honduras Mexico Nicaragua*
Panama Flag Paraguay Flag Peru Flag
Panama Paraguay Peru*

South America

Suriname Flag Uruguay Flag Venezuela Flag
Suriname Uruguay Venezuela*

Caribbean Countries

Cuba Flags Dominican Republic Flag Haiti Flag
Cuba Dominican Republic* Haiti*

Caribbean Dependencies and Territories

France Flag Puerto Rico Flag
Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin
These dependencies have no official flag and use the French Standard
Puerto Rico

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