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Arkansas Flag and Banner in Industrial Fabric Products' Review magazine

Industrial Fabric Products' Review Magazine features Kerry McCoy as a profile of the American Way. In the article Kerry speaks of her beginnings in the flag business as the first flag seller in Arkansas.

She later discusses with interviewer Gene Rebeck about her expansion into custom banner making, and the pivotal point in her business where she decided to make flags: Desert Storm. The article also delves into the history of Taborian Hall, the building that houses Arkansas Flag and Banner, and was once a staple on the African American 'Chitlin Circuit' music and comedy scene before the Great Depression.

Kerry speaks of her expansion into selling on the Internet and her hopes for what that will do for her business.

 "That's going to be the 21st Century in the United States. The companies whose products require brains to make them will stay in business. It's going to be those businesses whose employees are smart and can troubleshoot that will survive and prosper." -Kerry McCoy

Industrial Fabric Products Review/ July 1998. pg. 74-79


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