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A collection of FlagandBanner.com, Dreamland Ballroom and flag related new stories that all happened in 2007.


President's Day Gift

jeffandkerry-large.jpgRecently returned from Operation Enduring Freedom, Jeff Vaughn, a Flight Engineer with the Air National Guard, presented Kerry McCoy, President of Arkansas Flagandbanner.com, with a gift in honor of her business this President's Day. Before Jeff Vaughn went overseas, Mrs. McCoy gave him an American flag in honor of his service. MSGT Vaughn and his crew went over seas from July to September of 2006. With them, they carried this American flag on a C-130 aircraft during 25 combat missions in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan. These missions included combat drop offs, combat air drops, aero medical evacuations, DV support, prisoner transfers, and humanitarian airlift.

Upon return from overseas, MSGT Vaughn designed a certificate for Arkansas' Flagandbanner.com. His crew of six men and women signed the certificate and placed it with the flag in his hand-made display case for Arkansas' Flagandbanner.com. When asked why he went through all the trouble to make this gift for Kerry McCoy's business he said, I just wanted to show our appreciation of what your company does by promoting patriotism and support for our men and women at war. It's not a service that we do; it's a way of life.

You can come and see Jeff Vaughn's honorable gift at our historical building in downtown Little Rock at 800 west 9th Street. We are so honored to receive this gift and thank him so much for all that he has done for our country. We also thank all the men and women who are currently overseas. It is guys like him that make us proud of what we do.

Posted February 19, 2007

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Gold Star Flag, Plaques Presented to Guard in Honor of Fallen

handshakesmall.jpgArmy Sgt. 1st Class John G. Brown, 43, of Little Rock, Ark.; assigned to the Arkansas Army National Guard's 1st Battalion, 185th Aviation Regiment (Air Assault), 77th Aviation Brigade, Camp Robinson, Ark.; died in Baghdad on Jan. 20 when the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter he was in crashed. Also killed were Col. Brian D. Allgood, Staff Sgt. Darryl D. Booker, Lt. Col. David C. Canegata, Command Sgt. Maj. Marilyn L. Gabbard, Command Sgt. Maj. Roger W. Haller, Col. Paul M. Kelly, Staff Sgt. Floyd E. Lake, Cpl. Victor M. Langarica, Capt. Sean E. Lyerly, Maj. Michael V. Taylor and 1st Sgt. William T. Warren. Gov. Mike Beebe says dealing with grief-stricken military families is one of the toughest jobs in his role as the state's leader. So when the family of Sgt. 1st Class John Gary Brown of Little Rock asked the state Department of Veterans Affairs for help in obtaining a custom-made red-and-white flag with a gold star, state officials and a Veterans of Foreign Wars post hustled to comply. The most difficult job you have as governor is making phone calls to family members, particularly to widows, of fallen soldiers," Beebe said. And so it's appropriate when we honor those fallen soldiers, we try to honor the requests of those families." On Tuesday, Beebe, the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9095, and Fred Steube of the Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs presented the flag and three plaques to Maj. Gen. Bill Wofford, adjutant general of the Arkansas National Guard. Wofford will then pass on the honorary items to the fallen soldiers families, Beebe said.


The three plaques are in honor of Brown, Maj. Michael V. Taylor and Sgt. William Tom Warren, who were among 12 soldiers killed when their Black Hawk helicopter was shot down in Iraq. All three were members of Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 185th Aviation Regiment of the 77th Aviation Brigade. The deaths were the first casualties for the 77th, military officials said. The crash also killed nine soldiers from Georgia, Iowa, Maryland, Oklahoma, Texas, Virginia and the U.S. Virgin Islands, military officials said. The flag was designed by Arkansas Flag and Banner Company. The plaques, from the Veterans of Foreign Wars national headquarters in Kansas City, Mo., honor the three soldiers for their bravery and valor.

The Associated Press

Posted March 20, 2007

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New Half Staff First Alert Email Service Offered by Flagandbanner.com


Little Rock, Arkansas FlagandBanner.com, a leading retail supplier of American flags and patriotic items, announced today that it will be offering its Half Staff Alert email notification service to anyone who wishes to be notified when the President calls for the flag to be lowered to half staff.

Flag at Half Staff at White HouseFor many years Flag and Banner has been providing half staff email alerts to its customers. Additionally, Flag and Banner reminds customers when it is time to bring the flag back to full hoist. For the first time, the Little Rock based company is offering its email alert service to the general public. Old Glory - Part of The Nations Healing Process The recent tragedy at Virginia Tech reminds us of the importance of unity and the American Flag, stated Kerry McCoy, president of Little Rock based Flag and Banner. When we as a people mourn, the United States flag is lowered to half staff all across the nation.

There is an old adage which states: Joy shared is multiplied. Grief shared is divided. The unity felt by all Americans when Old Glory flies at half staff re-establishes for all of us that we are not alone. It inspires in us a solidarity and determination that sees us through the most trying and difficult days. It is the first step taken on the pathway to healing. We come together as Americans to share our grief and to begin the process of rebuilding our hopes and our lives.

As the flag is raised again, we know, so again, our spirits will also rise. We at FlagandBanner.com feel it is part of our duty to alert Americans when the President calls for the flag to be lowered, stated McCoy. If you would like to be on Flag and Banner's Half Staff First Alert email list, visit the company's website and sign up for Flag Alerts.

Posted April 19, 2007

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Do the Red White and Blue

kark4-live-big.jpgJune is the month we begin to celebrate patriotism. On June 4 Arkansas FlagandBanner.com owner, Kerry McCoy, started her morning early with KARK Channel 4s co-host Tracy Douglass to show the viewers how to Do The Red White and Blue. Kerry and her team decorated the exterior of Tracy Douglass house for the upcoming patriotic season.The first two segments centered on the decorations in the front yard. They draped the outside of her garage with a patriotic swag of red white and blue bunting that framed an American flag. Lit patriotic citronella candles and U.S. stick flags decorated her garden.

kark4-grady.jpgHer porch eave featured full fans with wind chimes, and her porch railing repeated the patriotic sway of bunting used above the garage. The last segment illustrated ways to decorate the backyard, the favorite place for 4th of July family gatherings. The back porch was outfitted with stars and stripes pull downs and full fans, and more full fans and a U.S. flag kit adorned her fence.

Kerry and Tracy also showed viewers the wide variety of products offered at the company, Flagandbanner.com from cake stands to patriotic bikinis and sunglasses, to flagpole brackets and pole kits. The morning segment ended with the National Anthem sung by a special guest, Kerrys son, Grady McCoy, a voice student at Indiana University. Dont forget to watch this upcoming U.S. Flag Day, June 14th, for live at FlagandBanner.com To watch this interview see our Video Archive Flag Day 2007 Part 1 and Flag Day 2007 Part 2. Watch this and other interviews regarding flag etiquette, patriotism, and FlagandBanner.com.

Posted June 4, 2007

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Southern Living Magazine Visits Arkansas FlagandBanner.com

Arkansas FlagandBanner.com owner, Kerry McCoy, met with Southern Livings photographer, John OHagan this past February. Mr. OHagan is a true professional. He took photos at Flagandbanner.coms location in Downtown Little Rock. Photo shoots of Kerry happened in the Dreamland Ballroom where they talked about her plans of renovation, to other areas of the building in production departments, offices and even family shots with the resident grand baby.


Southern Living has got it going on, no rushing around to get a story, they work well in advance. Three months later, on a beautiful Saturday in May, brought a visit from Farah Austin, one of Southern Livings writer. After touring FlagandBanner.com, Kerry invited Farah and her friend James to her home, where Kerrys husband cooked venison burgers on the grill and served lunch, with their 4 children, on the front porch. The weather, food and company couldnt have been better. Look for FlagandBanner.com to appear in Southern Living in 2008. The exact month is yet to be announced.

Posted June 8, 2007

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Another Busy Flag Day!

tracy.jpgFlag Day was another busy day for Kerry McCoy, president of Flagandbanner.com, when she celebrated the 230th anniversary of the birth of the United States flag. The morning started off with Tracy Douglass from KARK channel 4. Tracy and Kerry showed viewers the sewing process of making the flag, informed viewers about the history of the American Flag, and how to fold the American flag. They also discussed the beginnings of Vexillology, the scientific study of flag history and symbolism.


jason.jpgJason Harper from KATV Channel Seven popped in for a little while to discuss with Kerry about the trends for decorating, and the products she has to offer to decorate your home, office, business, or event. Kerry and Jason also informed viewers about the history of the American flag. After filming ended with Channel 7 and Channel 4, Kerry went to KSSN 94.1for her annual flag give away with DJ Bob Robbins. From the Clear Channel Radio parking lot Bob and Kerry gave out American flags on staffs, or "stick flags" to passer-bys and flag supporters.


kssnlarge.jpgTo watch this interview and find out more see our Video Archive. Watch these and other interviews regarding flag etiquette, patriotism, and FlagandBanner.com.

 Posted June 14, 2007

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Country Living Magazine


patriotic decorations for 4th of July

We are proud to announce that Country Living magazine mentioned Flag and Banner as a supplier of these patriotic decorations. Featured decorations include American flag bunting, US Flag, and Miniature US flags

Posted June 17, 2007

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Historic Building

This property has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior, Arkansas Historic Preservation Society. The FlagandBanner.com headquarters and storefront resides in the same building as the historic Taborian Hall and the Dreamland Ballroom that once showcased legendary musicians of the 1930's.

Dreamland Ballroom building2.jpg dreamland5-highres.jpg


Stately Taborian Hall, located on the corner of Ninth and State streets, is the only remaining historic building on West Ninth, a testimony to the street's former vibrancy and glory days as Little Rock's "Little Harlem." Once known as Taborian Temple, it was built for the African American fraternal insurance organization, the Knights and Daughters of the Tabor. Construction began on the Classical building in 1916 by local black contractor, Simeon Johnson, and was completed in 1918. Over 1,500 fraternal members attended the dedication of Taborian Temple in that year. Additionally, in August, 1918, a Negro Soldiers Club opened informally on the ground floor, providing a recreational center for African American soldiers stationed at nearby Camp Pike.Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, Taborian Temple housed many commercial endeavors including professional offices for Dr. J. V. Jordan, dentist, and Dr. W. B. Black, physician, the Gem Pharmacy, the Ritz Beer Garden, and the Dreamland Grill.

dreamland4-highres.jpg building8.jpg dreamland6-highres.jpg


By 1937, the Dreamland Ballroom was firmly established on Taborian's third floor. The popular dancehall with its famous œswing floor was a hotbed for big bands, jazz, and blues, and the scene for dances, socials, and basketball games. It was a regular stop for the "Chittlin' Circuit, a national touring company of professional black entertainers, revues, and stage shows.With the advent of World War II, the United Service Club, USO, bought the building and turned the first to the third floors into a club that served thousands of black soldiers from Camp Robinson (formerly Camp Pike) and the Stuttgart Air Base. The Dreamland ripped and rollicked during those war years and beyond with legendary musical artists including "Fatha" Earl Hines, Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, and Ella Fitzgerald, and comedians Redd Foxx and Sammie Davis. Local stars cut their musical teeth in the Dreamland too including Blind Al Hibbler, Louis Jordan, the Yellowjackets, and Lloyd Armon and his Orchestra. In 1954, the Temple became known as Taborian Hall, and housed three nightclubs: Twin City Club was in the basement; the Waiters Club was located on the second floor; and the Dreamland had morphed into Club Morocco, with an emphasis on rock. During the 1950s, The Blues Boy B.B. King brought his Three O Clock Blues to the premier night spot along with Famous Blind Singing Star Ray Charles who sang Little Rockers into hysterics with Midnight Hour, and Roll With My Baby. Throughout the early 1960s, Taborian Hall's musical legacy remained strong, but by 1970 had ended.

building7.jpg building6.jpg building5.jpg


In 1991, Kerry McCoy, purchased Taborian Hall as a new home for her business, Arkansas Flag and Banner. Through Ms. McCoy's efforts, the building has been preserved. She is now in the preliminary stages of renovating the legendary Dreamland Ballroom, an effort to save and to share this magnificent auditorium with the community. The million dollar renovation project is expected to break ground in 2011, with completion targeted for 2012. The New Dreamland Ballroom will reopen as an event center and be available to rent in late 2012. Local architectural firm, Heiple & Wiedower, is leading restoration efforts on Dreamland Ballroom.

Arkansas's FlagandBanner.com welcomes the public to browse the first floor factory showroom, filled with all things patriotic and flying the red, white and blue fitting enterprise for a building with such a proud heritage. FlagandBanner.com also offers Dreamland Ballroom t-shirts to commemorate the heritage of the building. Showroom hours are Monday - Friday 8 am to 5:30 pm and Saturday 10 am to 4 pm. 

Article by Berna J. Love

About the Author: Berna J. Love
M.A. Public History
University of Arkansas at Little Rock and Memphis State Ms. Love is a professional historian, museum consultant, and educator. Formerly associate director of the Children's Museum of Arkansas and director of programming and curator of anthropology at the Museum of Discovery in Little Rock, Arkansas, Ms. Love has also produced and written twenty-four documentaries on Arkansas history for television, museums, and corporations including an educational series entitled, "Arkansas, Its Land and People." She has authored numerous papers and articles. Her books include Arkansas Indians, A Children's Learning and Activity Book, and End of the Line: A History of Little Rock's West Ninth Street. Presently she is completing a book on the history of Taborian Hall and the Dreamland Ballroom. After that, well...Ms. Love is always ready for a new adventure.

It is an honor for me to be associated with such an exciting and unique project. It is only right to restore Dreamland to its former glory and status as a viable part of the Little Rock scene.

Ms. Love is actively seeking individuals with memories of Dreamland and the activities that took place there. Contact kerry@flagandbanner.com if you would like to share your memories with us.


Posted June 20, 2007


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Proper Disposal of The American Flag

flagburning.jpgWhat do you do with the American flag once it is finished serving its duty? That's what Tracy Douglass from KARK Channel 4, and participators from the Boy Scouts, the American Legion, and Kerry McCoy of FlagandBanner.com set out to inform viewers early Monday morning, June 2, 2007.

Participators gathered together at Arkansas' Macarthur Military Museum to partake in a flag burning ceremony of the American flag.


salutelarge-copy.jpgIt is customary when a flag has faded, molded, discolored, or the fly-end is tattered, to present the folded flag for inspection to the Commander before disposal.

The Ceremony begins with the presentation of the colors, then the presenting of the folded flag, and then the flag is placed in a fire and burned... It is tradition to return the flag to the earth.

Bring your worn and tattered flag to FlagandBanner.com for $5.00 off your next American Flag purchase July 2nd thru July 3rd.

FlagandBanner.com will dispose the flag for you. And if you're not nearby Flagandbanner.com bring your flag to your local Boy Scouts of America troop, or The American Legion Auxiliary.

Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!

To watch this interview and find out more see our Video Archive. Watch this and other interviews regarding flag etiquette, patriotism, and FlagandBanner.com.

Posted July 2, 2007

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American Flag Etiquette Information Offered by Flagandbanner.com

Soldiers Folding FlagLittle Rock, Arkansas FlagandBanner.com, a leading retail supplier of American flags and patriotic items, announced today that it will be providing free Flag Etiquette information year round for all those interested in learning the proper way to display the United States Flag. So many patriotic Americans are unaware of proper flag etiquette--when to take flags down, how to dispose of flags, and other general flag information, stated Kerry McCoy, owner of Flag and Banner. Because so many people from all over the United States have inquired about when and how to display the flag, we decided to provide the information in one place along with our email alerts, Kerry continued. Information on the Flag and Banner website includes: When should the American Flag Be Flown? For a list of the primary holidays including five during which the flag should be flown at half staff. US Flag History For a concise history of the American Flag. How to fold the American Flag For a step-by-step guide--perfect for churches, scouts, schools and others. Half Staff E-mail Alert To register for a free email alert notification when the President calls for the flag to be lowered to half staff. For more information on flags or to purchase patriotic items, go to www.FlagandBanner.com.

Posted July 2, 2007

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Hurricane Flags are Back - Flag and Banner Tells their Story


Storm Signal Flag Use Little Rock, ArkansasFlag and Banner.com, a leading retail supplier of American flags and patriotic items, announced today that those boxy, red hurricane flags with the black squares are making a comeback after nearly two decades on the sidelines. Kerry McCoy, Owner of Flag and Banner, said today that what may seem like a step back in technology is really just one more way to protect the public. After the Katrina disaster we all want to feel safer and to have all the possible warning tools available. McCoy continued, During the past 30 years - the time I have been in the flag business - I have seen occasional purchases of US Storm Signal flags, consisting of one or both of the red Gale Storm Pennant and the red and black squared Hurricane Storm Flag. Now after Katrina they are making a huge comeback.


Hurrican Storm Signal flag at Coast GuardHurricane Flags Discontinued and Now they're back In 1989, after 100 years of use, the Coast Guard found Storm Signal flags to be an inferior warning device compared to other technological devices such as TV and radio. But today, with more storms and what seems to be increasingly stronger storms, the Coast Guard is trying everything they can to protect coastal residents and visitors including bringing back the Hurricane flag. While the flags reach is limited, we can expect to see more of the red and black squared flags flying along the coast for boaters and tourists to observe.


Coast Guard SealCoast Guard Day Join Flag and Banner as we celebrate Coast Guard Day on August 4th. Coast Guard Day honors the establishment of the Coast Guard in 1790 by Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton. The initial laws establishing the Coast Guard authorized the building of a fleet of ten cutters and tasked the Coast Guard with the enforcement of the first tariff laws enacted by Congress under the Constitution. Today the USCG has a broad and important role in homeland security, law enforcement, search and rescue, marine environmental pollution response, and the maintenance of river, intracoastal and offshore aids to navigation (ATON). It also lays claim to being the United States' oldest continuous seagoing service. The United States Coast Guard has approximately 40,150 men and women on active duty.


Posted August 2, 2007 

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Kerry McCoy quoted

 downtownlittlerock2007small.jpgKerry McCoy is quoted in Downtown Little Rock magazine in support of the Downtown Little Rock Partnership.

"One of the benefits is getting to meet and talk to people who make a difference downtown. Sharon Priest can get the right people together to talk to you about things you want to know about. The free advice from people in the know is really valuable."

Dwontown Little Rock/2007 pg. 48

Posted August 5, 2007


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Racing For The Cure

pinkrace07small-copy.jpgThe 14th Annual Race for the Cure took place on Saturday, October 20th, and once again, Arkansas Flag and Banner was abuzz before the sun came up.

The Flag and Banner showroom opened at 7 a.m. to greet racers with free parking, refreshments and 50% off all Pink Ribbon products.

As in the past, Flag and Banner fielded it's all-star team of racers, AKA "The Flagheads," consisting of Owner Kerry McCoy, Susan Crotts, Stephanie Brangan, Beth Decker, and Kristin Hart.

After warming up as a local choir performed a stirring rendition of the National Anthem, "The Flagheads" began the race with the other 45,000 participants in a massive show of female solidarity.

After completing the race and passing through the "Three miles of Men" stationed at a local microbrewery tailgate, the fearless team returned to Arkansas Flag and Banner and enjoyed a well-deserved southern-style breakfast in the newly remodeled kitchen.

The rest of the day was spent selling all things Pink Ribbon and, as is the case throughout the year, a percentage of all items sold went to support the Susan G. Komen foundation in Arkansas. "Go Flagheads"


Posted October 26, 2007


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The Arkansas Journey

arkansasjourney.jpgArkansas' Flag and Banner and it's founder, Kerry McCoy are featured in a new Arkansas history textbook entitled, "The Arkansas Journey" by Berry Trey. McCoy and her company are named as an example of "The Entrepreneurial Spirit" in Arkansas. In the chapter named "Making a living in Arkansas," Kerry McCoy's name is mentioned as a "name to know" among other noted Arkansans such as Sam Walton of Wal Mart, William T. Dillard of Dillard's department stores, and Charles H. Murphy Jr. of Murphy Oil Company.

When asked how she felt about being mentioned among such noteworthy business people, Kerry McCoy was very pleased. "But it is particularly special for me to be mentioned in "The Arkansas Journey," because it is a textbook used in the Arkansas schools in which I was raised. I was never a great student and sometimes feared that my ability to excel in school would hinder me from becoming a success. I can only hope that my story and that of Arkansas' Flag and Banner can possibly give hope to other children who are not naturally good students and show them that if they refuse to give up, they can make their way in the world even if they do not fit evenly between the lines that the education system sometimes appears to impose."


Kerry McCoy with Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee

 Posted November 21, 2007


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103.7 The Buzz Talks Football with Kerry McCoy

1037buzz07.jpgThe Zone from 103.7 the Buzz visited Arkansas Flag and Banner this Thursday, December 6. Justin Acre, Pat Bradley, and Joe Franklin discussed football with FlagandBanner.com's President Kerry McCoy.

Kerry, an avid fan of Arkansas Razorbacks football, watches the games with her husband, Grady McCoy.

The Zone expressed their excitement about the new coach Jim Grobe, predictions for the next season, and the 50% off sale at FlagandBanner.com's showroom in downtown Little Rock.

The sale is on Arkansas Razorback merchandise and Christmas decorations. Kerry also spoke about plans for renovations on The Dreamland Ballroom in the upcoming year.


Posted December 6, 2016

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