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Special Easter Week Chris Keller Reprise

Lance Turner of Arkansas Business

Listen to Learn:

  • About his book Getting On Toward Home: And Other Sermons by the River
  • His views on science and religion
  • How long it takes to write a sermon
  • The commonalities of faith and love

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This week on Up In Your Business we’ve combined the Reverend Dr. Chris Keller’s 2017 interview, of when he was the Dean of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, in Little Rock, Arkansas, with his more recent interview in 2021 as the author of his book Getting On Toward Home.

We chose Dr. Keller’s interviews for the obvious reason that it is Holy Week and he is a theologian. But also, because he is a deep thinker, smart, and easy to understand. Through his ministry and life, he has blended scholarly pursuits with pop culture knowledge into an innovative leadership style. I liken him to E.F. Hutton because “When he speaks, people listen.” 

This is not your typical priest. Tune in to hear his 21st century views on evolution and gay marriage. In all seriousness get ready to hear one of the smartest men I’ve ever met explain Christianity in the 21st Century. It's not what you think. Once he starts speaking you will want a pen and paper near for taking notes.

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A transcript will be available within the week.

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