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Louis Petit, Restaurant Owner & Entrepreneur

Lance Turner of Arkansas Business

Listen to Learn:

  • How Louis helped bring European fine dining to Little Rock in the 1970’s at Jacque & Suzannes
  • How his career has helped inspire restaurants like Maison Louis, Cafe Prego, Graffiti’s, Alouettes, Petit & Keet, and Cypress Social
  • How debt can be an opportunity

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Plenty have ventured into the world of restaurant ownership, but few have done it in such a way as Louis Petit. He prides himself on an infectious happiness and his ability always to see the positive side of people. Petit feels his unique easy-going and even-tempered nature has shaped the successes of his life — and they are plentiful. Petit’s restaurants are famous for their simple menus and eclectic ambiance, and he’s an obsessive yard sale junkie, amassing an extensive collection of objects that adorn his restaurants from floor to ceiling. Born in Belgium during World War II, Petit has spent 60 years in the restaurant business — from Belgium to Little Rock, Arkansas, where he first came to America as a young man, and now in Santa Rosa Beach where his restaurants are a true family affair.

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