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Arkansas born artist, Pat Matthews, began his career by painting landscapes of the woods and lakes of Arkansas that he visited as a hunter and fisherman. His ability to depict nature showing a range of hidden colors is often missed by the casual observer. He has an uncanny talent of rendering the physical world in two, three and four-point perspectives.

Matthews attended the University of Arizona Architectural School where he won the William Wilde Memorial Award as the top designer of his class. He graduated in 1987, received his architectural license and began his practice as a design architect. Although successful, Pat yearned to pursue his artistic endeavors.

In 2002, he had his first exhibition in Little Rock displaying 48 original oils. The show was a monumental success. Matthews packed his belongings and moved to Santa Fe. There, he found gallery representation and continued to paint.

Matthews was moved by the events of 9/11/01 to paint an American Flag on that fateful day. In fact, he painted it over a landscape he had just completed. He made 1,000 prints, sold most of them, and gave the entire proceeds, the original painting, and 343 signed, numbered prints to Battalion 9, the fire station which suffered the greatest loss of firefighter lives. Today Pat’s signature flag paintings represent celebration, hardship, overcoming hardship, and unshakable pride in the freedom and principles the flag represents. Pat’s flag paintings grace homes business, judge’s chambers, and governors’ collections around the country.

"For Tracee Gentry Matthews painting has always been a way of life. She has been creating art since childhood. After the birth of her daughter in the year 2000 and a Bachelor of Science degree, she became a full time artist. Tracee is very passionate about her work. Tracee’s paintings are energized-even pulsating.

Her paintings of city skylines and still-lifes have rapidly captured the favor of discriminating collectors across the United States. Whether it be a small painting, a large canvas or mural, you will find Tracee’s work perfectly complimenting the homes, offices and commercial buildings they are increasingly found in, whatever the setting, style or period. Tracee is able to capture the beauty of life in all of her works. Her style is unique and seems to captivate the viewer with all of the senses."

Listen to the podcast to learn:

  • How to paint with knife
  • How to take a leap of faith
  • How 9-11 changed Pat's painting style

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