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Brave Play | Editor's Note

Volume 5 Issue 1 Spring-Summer 2018

It is finally spring, and for many, that involves a little spring cleaning I recently was doing some reorganizing and ran across this picture. You guessed it..that’s me in the front seat of our “spacecraft” (or race car or fire engine). That old laundry basket was whatever my brother and I wanted it to be. Madison with her brother as children playing

Looking at that picture made me consider how important play is for our health. With our beaming smiles, one would never guess that my brother and I were on our third father at that time. Imagination and play can transport you from a challenging place to a place of wonder and joy.

As we age, we become more connected to our surroundings, more mindful of our pasts and more responsible for our futures. Honoring traditions and people becomes part of our story, individually and collectively. Memorial Day is a time when we remember and acknowledge those who came before us. In this edition of BRAVE we tried to share stories that reflect the important ways we remember and the joyful ways we play. Life is happier when we have a healthy balance of both.

This spring, as you do your spring cleaning, I’d like you to dust off your playful side. When you are brave enough to allow that childlike abandon to surface, you reap laughter, enchantment and a reprieve from the weight of being so grown up. brave flag

Be Brave,

Madison Monroe

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