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The Friends of Dreamland Board

Friends of Dreamland is a non-profit group committed to bringing back the music, the history and the party of the Dreamland Ballroom.

Pictured from left back row: Kathleen King (Oxford American), Ryk St. Vincent (Interiors and Cabinet Designer and Entertainer), Sydney Ippolito (The Repertory Theatre), Jennifer Hart (Dillards Inc.), Larry Graham (Graham and Associates LLC), Dlorah deVore (Marketing CDI Construction), Jeff Roper (The Repertory Theatre).

Front row seated from left to right: Robert Best (Best Metal Studio), Sherry Curry Ledbetter (Realtor, The Charlotte John Co.), Cindy Steele (Advanced Aesthetics), Read Admire (Integrative Arts), Kayce Hall (Dillards Inc.). Not pictured Aurora Adney (LMS Administrator Pulaski Technical College.)

Party with us! Buy -a-Brick and be invited to the AETN documentary movie premiere and your brick dedication ceremony. Visit dreamlandballroom.org and click on the Donate button to order. All orders are tax deductible. Photo by Richard Davis.

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